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Ningbo Business Exhibition Service Center [Other]


Main Products:Exhibition services


Tianxing piano Enterprise Co Ltd [Production enterprises]


Main Products:piano


Taiwan Kai Cheng International Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Building block toy assembly


Kenmai Enterprise Co. Ltd. [Exporter]


Main Products:SimpQ, the photography studio


Chung Cheng Enterprise Agency [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Chung Cheng Enterprise ~ our Kinmen a root with a series of products through the SGS test, excellent quality, exported to Chinese, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and the world market, has a certain number of customers trust and support. Kinmen a root is one of the items of health products in Taiwan development of the most potential and the most important, but also benefit the world's health special agricultural products of Taiwan species, We adhere to the most real raw materials, professional R & D and technology, strict manufacturing process and quality control more YISHION days. To the production and R & D international quality certification of professional manufacturing factory of biological science and technology cooperation, to develop a series of products of Kinmen root... Titanium gold ginger cream. Pure natural plant essential oil of lavender. Horse repair cream. Horse oil soap. Pure natural plant top soap... Adhere to the Taiwan Bay table goods. Let each love all of our customers to buy peace of mind with the rest assured. As Taiwan agricultural products brand index. By the Taiwan based market competition in the world market. The international brand as the goal. Also expected by our products, you can get the trust of Zhong Cheng ~ ~.

Main Products:A root


Vanilla forest Import & Export Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Imported household goods


Shang Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. [Exporter]


Main Products:Imported household goods


Yiwu runke Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Run branch group business management agencies by the International Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Yiwu run branch of Intellectual Property Agency Co., ltd.. Run Branch International Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a Hongkong and international lawyers, certified public accountants recognized business services. Yiwu run branch Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Trademark Office of the authority of the enterprise. Runke with years of operating experience and professional service quality, providing a wide range of international business services for the various needs of customers; runke focused on intellectual property services at home and abroad company registration services, brand promotion services. The company set up the trademark registration, patent copyright application, registration of overseas companies, domestic companies registered accounting department, audit department, legal department, design department, comprehensive department, office and other organizations, complete functions, powerful. Shareholders of the company have a number of years engaged in intellectual property and corporate registration business experience, and has good interpersonal and social relations. And the United States, Europe, Hongkong, Taiwan and the mainland more than and 10 law firms have long-term cooperative relations. Company staff are college degree or above, and there are more than graduate students and legal professionals. The company since its establishment, the steady growth of various types of business, for the domestic communications industry, manufacturing technology, information industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry to provide trademark and patent registration, registration and other legal services companies at home and abroad.

Main Products:Trademark registration


Huang Xin Ping [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Main products: office supplies, children's leisure sports equipment

Main Products:Main products: office supplies, children's leisure sports equipment


Jiangsu Taiyangyu Solar Energy Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Is a collection of scientific research, production and sales of solar products in one high-tech enterprises, the main products are solar panels, curved modules, solar electric vehicles and a variety of automotive power systems, etc. The company has advanced production equipment, perfect testing equipment , highly qualified staff and advanced quality management system.

Main Products:Solar panels, solar electric vehicles and various arc components, vehicle power system etc.