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Dongyang city Meijiameiju creative Home Furnishing Co. Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The main products include trimming, storage racks, wooden crafts, general lighting lamps, screens etc.

Main Products:Fitting


Ningbo Jimei Brush Co.,Ltd  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Ningbo Jimei Brush Co.,Ltd is located in the centre of Yin zhou IndustryZone,Ningbo,China, there is 20 kms to Ningbo Lishe Internationat air port and 30 Kma to Ningbo seaport from out factory. With it's convenient traffic,it brings more business chances and more quick development to our factory! With 25 years of wok experience,Ningbo Jimei Brush Co.,Ltd,has become a professional manufactory which produce a range of beauty care and body health products,including different kinds of hair brush for hair salon and family,bath brush,nail brush massage bursh for SPA and family,etc…… Our factory have an area of 30,000㎡,there are full rang of automatic equipments to fulfill the demand of high quality products! Now all of our products are very popular in U.S, Europe, Japan, Australia an South America market. OEM are welcome by our factory!

Main Products:brush


Hengdian Dongyang colorful family goods factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The factory was established in 2009, mainly the production of cloth crafts apron sleeve plastic products and household cleaning supplies, such as cleaning towel, bath ball bath flower etc..

Main Products:Bath towel, bath ball bath flower, etc.


Gaobeidian Bo Rong zipper Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Gaobeidian Bo Rong zipper Co., Ltd. is the original Gaobeidian Bo Rong zipper factory to upgrade, Bo Rong zipper Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, the existing staff of more than 300, with a total investment of about 50000000 yuan. Beautiful environment, convenient transportation, in the center of Beijing, Tianjin, Paul three big city, and adjacent to the famous Baigou luggage market. Our company is located in Si Zhuang Road 112 East Huang industrial zone, covers an area of more than and 100 acres. Plant trees, factory buildings, facilities, rich multicolored decorations. The company has imported more than and 500 sets of advanced equipment, and is equipped with a boiler, ironing, pour dye vat, line code sets. Production of various specifications, color polyester nylon zipper, Nissan more than 10 tons. The company uses advanced laser computer counter, to ensure that the number of zipper accurate, to ensure that the interests of customers are not damaged. My company has strong technical strength, professional and technical staff accounted for more than 25% of the total number of employees. All Bo Rong people under the leadership of general manager Wang Qingfeng, with "quality first, customer first" as the business philosophy, with a higher quality, higher standards for the market. Through our tireless efforts of more than 10 years, our company's products enjoy a high reputation in the market, won the trust of users. Our company based in Baigou market, facing the country, all over the world, to seek greater development. We sincerely welcome businessmen from all walks of life to our company to discuss cooperation!

Main Products:zipper


Chen Mei Cai [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Cultural products


Shenzhen E Er Nino Garments Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Shenzhen City, Hubei Province, Nino clothing Limited company, the main business for the fine men's windbreaker jacket cotton and silk knitting sweater, silk lady style design, development, production orders and brand marketing, marketing. The company has a professional product design and development and brand marketing planning team, and has its own production and processing base in Shenzhen. By virtue of many styles, update fast and excellent excellent quality, safe and fast dispensing rate logistics, based in Shenzhen, facing the country and the overseas market. It refers to a unique innovation and ideas for the operation of marketing mode of "ernino" brand building, based on their own production and sales has become the total generation, store area join, wholesale and retail chain self set of integrated marketing model. And in Harbin, Shenyang, Inner Mongolia, Shijiazhuang, Changchun, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Kunming, Chengdu and other capital city and regions to establish a marketing network, the full realization of the unity and cooperation in management companies and distributors both free style. E Nino company to "customer first" as the purpose of business and service, with a professional staff to integrate the deployment of goods and provide perfect service. So as to improve the company's flagship boutique clothing brand positioning in the market quality, market image and market share.

Main Products:clothing


Yiwu Sheng Rong Paper Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The new century paper products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the company after nearly some has become one of the South China regional office paper deep processing industry for large manufacturers, with production Lu: collecting the silver surface of rolls of paper, bank ATM machine paper, fax paper, price machine, the price of paper, thermosensitive cashier paper, electronic scale paper, photo paper, label paper, ribbon, cover paper, plastic film, barcode paper etc.. In addition to production of computer printing paper, business forms printing products such as professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Main Products:Price machine, price of paper, thermosensitive cashier paper, stickers, photo paper, fax paper, ribbon, said electronic paper, cover paper, plastic film, barcode paper


Yiwu Redu Ecommerce Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Redu Ecommerce Ltd, mainly engaged in online sales: daily necessities, cosmetics (excluding hazardous chemicals), jewelry, crafts, clothing, knitwear, outdoor camping supplies, office supplies, sporting goods, bags, shoes and hats.

Main Products:Daily necessities, cosmetics (excluding hazardous chemicals), jewelry, crafts, clothing, knitwear, outdoor camping supplies, office supplies, sporting goods, bags, shoes and hats


Yiwu Houde Cultural Development Co. Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Yiwu Houde Education (Yiwu Houde Cultural Development Co. Ltd.), Zhejiang province famous brand of personalized counseling agencies. Eight years focused on small class and the "one to one" personalized counseling. Teacher team, teaching model is novel and unique, and learn from the successful experience of Beijing, Shanghai and other places in the arts and culture class counseling. Can make a comprehensive analysis of the non intellectual factors in students' learning, make the appropriate counseling programs for students, effectively overcome the obstacles to learning and stimulate the enthusiasm of autonomous learning.

Main Products:Personalized guidance


Linyi three ring home Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Daily Necessities