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Shanghai Gaoshang Trading Co., Ltd. [Other]


Main Products:-


Jinhua micro Information Technology Co. Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]The largest WeChat WeChat micro public service platform! The Tencent investment enterprise absolute tall on MSI, domestic mobile internet marketing leader, Chinese largest WeChat service provider, WeChat provides the enterprise development, operations, training, promotion of integrated solutions based on, help companies achieve online and offline exchange (O2O), social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM), mobile (Vshop) the application of light, (lightapp), the deep mining industry have electricity supplier, catering, automobile, real estate, wedding, supermarkets, FMCG, banking, securities, studio and other hundreds of industry solutions.

Main Products:Public WeChat service platform


Focus Technology Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Made-in-CHina.com was developed in 1998 by Focus TecHnology Co., Ltd. and Has become one of tHe leading marketplaces for global trade. As one of tHe leading B2B (Business to Business) portals connecting global buyers witH CHina suppliers, we Have been dev

Main Products:electronic business


Chaoan Caitang Tong Xing stainless steel products factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Chaoan Caitang Tong Xing stainless steel products factory is a stainless steel rack, clothes hanger, clothes rack, sock rack, chairs, sanitary bucket / garbage bucket, tripod, dish rack, clothes fork products such as professional production manufacturers, products with excellent quality, novel style, reasonable price to win the market and customers support and trust, won a good reputation among customers, in the industry enjoyed a high reputation.

Main Products:Stainless steel rack, clothes hanger, clothes rack, sock rack, chairs, sanitary bucket / garbage bucket, tripod, dish rack, clothes fork and other products


Light In The Box Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through www.lightinthebox.com, www.miniinthebox.com, and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages. LightInTheBox offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden. LightInTheBox's innovative data-driven business model allows itself to offer customized products, such as wedding dress and evening dress, at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising and fulfillment.

Main Products:Clothing, electronic products, toys, food, household goods, sporting goods, etc.


Yiwu Guangkuo media Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Yiwu Chinese network (WWW.ZGYWW.CN) is a specific project of Zhejiang daily newspaper group and Yiwu municipal government strategic cooperation, jointly build by both parties, is a government led, media, complementary advantages, enterprise operation, large network platform news, business information, service life, online community, electronic commerce, mobile Internet in one of the. Yiwu Chinese network to fully integrate the Zhejiang daily newspaper group and Yiwu daily media resources, Yiwu social resources, the new Internet media to create a foothold in Yiwu, facing the country, have the whole world in view. China Yiwu network operators are: Yiwu broad media Co., ltd.. Yiwu, China Yiwu network is the only official network media. China Yiwu network on the line, in Yiwu formed a newspaper, a network, a new pattern of the media, to fill the gaps in Yiwu's long-term lack of official network media. At the beginning of the Yiwu China online line, namely the information accurate and timely news gathering, multi platform full form of publishing, dissemination of information quickly, to achieve full coverage of the first time Yiwu news release, breaking news, rolling the important news of the graphic video, quickly became the main source of Yiwu reproduced commercial websites, such as WeChat since the media new media coverage and influence grow with each passing day. Yiwu Chinese network currently operating platform China Yiwu PC terminal, Yiwu China network mobile phone version of the site, "China Yiwu" WeChat public number, Xiuhu forum and Zhejiang news client Yiwu channel (APP, installed over 8 million users, Yiwu City reached 150 thousand users) and other platforms. Content production using a collection, multi format generation, multi terminal synchronous release, the platform seamlessly Zhejiang online and Zhejiang daily newspaper group's major media terminals. China Yiwu network has a wealth of media platforms and operational experience, can give Yiwu municipal enterprises and institutions to provide a full range of promotional solutions. Welcome to discuss cooperation!

Main Products:network platform


zhengjiang yingyi tools manufacture co.,ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract] The company is located in Zhenjiang Dongjiao Ruli industrial park with convenient transport. Taking high jumping-off, high diathesis, high quality as the requirement; regarding existing through quality, developing through science and technology, pursuing benefit through management, exploring market through service as concept and innovating constantly, the company by reasonable, standard, nicety and high speed products’ design manufactures novelty and beautiful sculpt, fastness and durable, high light-effect, convenient installation products that are used extensively in factories, stations, docks and some other public places and the products are sold to every areas in the whole country. By right of excellent credit standing and perfect after service and owning set of professional technical staff in charge of installing, debugging and tailing after service, the company has got large clients’ acceptance. The company sincerely welcomes clients at home and abroad to negotiate business; and hopes that scientific research and design department can send workers or send letter to instruct our work.

Main Products:novelty and beautiful sculpt, fastness and durable, high light-effect


Shanghai Hongxiang trade bag factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Shanghai Hongxiang trade bag factory is a luggage, bags, storage box, finishing large storage box, finishing boxes, sorting boxes with foreign trade, waterproof finishing boxes, sorting boxes, moisture-proof waterproof and moisture-proof products wholesale distribution of individual business.

Main Products:luggage


Shanghai Jane International Trade Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Minpai Knitting Garments Co., Ltd is a manufacturer that specially produce seamless knitting products, Inculding: braces ,leggings,wrap skirts,boxers,sharpewears and so on. We mainly export to America ,Europe, and Oceania and other countries with superior quality. We have tens of the top brand machine of the world, including Italy SAN Tony import jacquard machines, sewing machines,Ironing machines and other producing equipments. We have unique ability to develop the new products and we are gradually expanding the scale. All the time , we have favored the customers with good reputation and superior quality and is forming mainly market by the international market. Taking domestic market for the competition case is our selling style. Let better goods and unique designs get trust from customers and get the opportunity to cooperate with the friends all over the world is our finally goal!

Main Products:The products include vest, sling, pants, trousers, skirt, wrapped up the chest, corset, etc.


Bazhou Jianchapu Xianghong Home Furnishing supplies factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Xianghong is a large household goods business, is approved by the relevant state departments of the registration of enterprises, the registered trademark Yong Kay Acheron. The main school furniture, hotel furniture, theater chair, ladder teaching chair, plastic chair chair desk apartment bed luggage cart and so on several big series.

Main Products:The main school furniture, hotel furniture, theater chair, ladder teaching chair, plastic chair chair desk apartment bed luggage cart and so on several big series