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The graceful Bay Exhibition (Shanghai) network technology Limited (the area network) [Other]

[Abstract]The network is the leading cross-border business enterprise integrated services, there's more and more media domain domain data, the domain hit the Internet platform. The sales domain (WWW.KJDS.COM) is focused on cross-border export trading platform more domain distribution network's. Ecological optimization platform to export electricity supplier supply chain with a global perspective, with big data, selection of supply chain collaborative SAAS core technology support distribution deals and overseas sales, to achieve optimal allocation of resources of the supplier and distributors to open platform design, to improve the supply chain services to achieve efficient logistics delivery and the ultimate consumer experience in the background of supply side reform and Internet plus under the promotion of foreign trade factory brand transformation in the new mode, new formats, new platforms, new services, boost cross-border export upgrade iteration. Domain data (WWW.KJDS.COM) is a platform for large data analysis of cross-border export commodities under the cross domain network. To make business more intelligent, make decisions more wisdom -- a platform for big data and cloud computing algorithm technology for the global commodity mass analysis, consumer behavior and consumption habits of overseas consumers portrait, help sellers easily create explosion models and mining ocean goods, power plant optimization pricing strategy and flexible production guidance. The domain of media (WWW.KJDS.COM.CN) is perpendicular to the cross-border electricity supplier industry leading new media and portals, sophisticated in cross-border electricity supplier industry producing high-quality content, more observation, under more and more original domain domain domain domain, with more topics such as columns. Because of focusing and profound, the domain of media to create value for the beginning of the heart with the user, to focus on the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry, continue to be professional, original and practical operation of the content industry to user feedback, relying on leading the industry think tank for development.

Main Products:Electronic Commerce


Yiwu City Lemaidi Network Technology Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu City Lemaidi Network Technology Co., Ltd is Medina girls fashion accessories, girls fashion products such as professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Yiwu City Music Medina network science and technology limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Main Products:Girls fashion supplies


Jiangsu Shenyang environmental protection science and Technology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Jiangsu deep oxygen environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. is located in a Chinese technology company, headquartered in Yixing City, Jiangsu province. Is a company dedicated to the clean air to every person, with meticulous focus on research and innovation of application of air purification technology, focusing on green action on the environment and the sustainable development of small practice has profound meaning, "air flow technology" everyone's respiratory health. The company is currently the main products are: wall mounted air conditioning central air conditioning filter, filter, air conditioning filter, auto air filter. Let the air conditioner into an air purifier, the main removal of PM2.5, sterilization anti-virus, in addition to formaldehyde, VOC, second-hand smoke, benzene and other harmful gases. And has realized 99% is the environmental protection degradable material composition.

Main Products:Wall mounted air conditioner filter, central air conditioning air conditioning filter, filter, auto air filter


HI WAY PIONEER GmbH [Production enterprises]


Main Products:-


Zhejiang Yi Chuan Robot Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Mainly engaged in robot and robot parts (excluding electroplating) manufacturing, sales

Main Products:Robot


Guangzhou City Difo Biological Technology Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Guangzhou flute Vatican Seoul biotechnology limited company's personal care brands, green, health, luxury, taste concept, to the hair and scalp care new. In the rare herbs, rare Australian tea tree oil and natural vanilla heated gradually blending, and raw materials for the integrated solution condensation, containing plant extracts added to the shampoo, every wash, faint fragrance floating release, can be up to 48 hours

Main Products:Shampoo


Jiangsu jinyida Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Jiangsu jinyida Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, headquartered in Kunshan, is a set of trade, logistics, supply chain management, supply chain finance professional service company. Company is mainly engaged in import and export trade, virtual production, supply chain management, supply chain finance business, as well as supply chain management consulting services. Jinyida traditional business of import and export trade, domestic and international logistics, production logistics and distribution management VMI DC management based on the integration of resources based on the use of Internet technology, advancing with the times to build a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade, the new supply chain management / virtual production and Internet forwarding three Internet service platform, to achieve the successful transformation and upgrading; at the same time in creative thinking, innovation in the industry launched the supply chain financing platform and P2S financial products. Golden platform through the platform of the Internet, operational data, service fine to build trade, logistics, financial integration of the supply chain ecosystem. Jinyida took advantage of independent research and development of integrated supply chain management information system, through the establishment of a rapid response mechanism, flexible combination of service products, the realization of capital flow, logistics, business flow, information flow four in one service, including import and export agency and logistics services, procurement execution and management, order execution and VMI virtual production, distribution and implementation of channel management, outsourcing and supply chain finance, IT information services one-stop supply chain service for customers, to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, quicken capital turnover, expand business scale, to achieve development goals. Jinyida business areas covered by IT electronics, communications equipment, auto parts, household appliances, food products and other industries Home Furnishing products, fmcg. Relying on the unique geographical location, perfect logistics network, leading information systems and professional management team, with a number of core enterprise groups to establish a cooperative partnership. Golden Golden Bear adhering to the "play, integrity, cooperation, win-win" business philosophy, and constantly improve and innovate our services and products, in order to build a world-class supply chain management service platform to make unremitting efforts. We sincerely look forward to working with you to establish long-term stable cooperative relations, to create a competitive advantage!

Main Products:Supply chain management service platform


China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province Branch [Other]

[Abstract]Approved by the State Council, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd. (“China Postal Express & Logistics”) was co-founded by China Post Group and provincial postal companies as a state-owned limited company in June 2010. The company is the largest integrated express and logistics service provider with the longest history of business operation, the widest coverage and the richest products in China. China Postal Express & Logistics consists of 31 fully-owned provincial subsidiaries, and possesses China Postal Airlines, China Post Logistics, etc. With a registered capital of RMB 8 billion and a total asset of RMB 21 billion, the company recruits nearly 100,000 employees, and operates 45,000 business outlets. Its network covers all the cities, counties and towns in 31 provinces and reaches over 200 countries and regions. China Postal Express & Logistics is mainly engaged in domestic express, international express, contract logistics, and LTL. Domestic and international express provides premium, standard and economy shipping products in terms of delivery time, and also operates some value-added service such as COD. Contract logistics covers the overall process of supply chain, including warehousing, and transport. The company possesses world-acclaimed brand “EMS”, and leading domestic logistics brand “CNPL”. Adhering to the service philosophy of “Treasure Every Moment, Serve with Heart at Every Step”, the company is dedicated to offering customers with convenient, fast, secure and reliable door-to-door express and logistics services, and becoming a domestically leading and globally competitive Express & Logistics company with the strongest integrated service capacity.

Main Products:Express Logistics


Hangzhou microbars Information Technology Co. Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Hangzhou microbars Information Technology Co. Ltd., the first batch of the largest and most professional WeChat third party application developers, the company was founded in April 12, 2013. Our public platform based on WeChat to provide enterprises with development, operations, training, promotion of integrated solutions that help companies achieve online and offline exchange (O2O), social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM), mobile providers, business development aspects of marketing, light application, social marketing tools, custom application, have industry leading research and development capabilities, is a high-tech enterprise specializes in enterprise mobile Internet business, dedicated to all types of enterprises to provide professional mobile information, the application of advanced solutions. Microbars with 2 years to grow into a leader in the field of WeChat third party development.

Main Products:WeChat third party applications


Beijing Red Bull beverage sales Co., Ltd. Jinhua branch [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]"Red Bull" (Redu007fBull) is one of the world's earliest and most successful energy beverage brands. 1966, Red Bull Vitamin functional drink was born in Thailand, has been more than 40 years of development history. With excellent quality and good reputation, Red Bull drinks sold worldwide in more than and 140 countries and regions in the world, the functional beverage industry leader. December 1995, red bull with confidence in the development of the Chinese market and the global strategic vision, came to China, set up Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co., Ltd., to develop the Chinese market. For a time, refreshing, add strength, thirsty to drink Red Bull, tired, tired to drink Red Bull "advertising language, widely read, Red Bull brand is loved by the majority of consumers, the relevant public known. For more than ten years, Red Bull has established a nationwide sales network and organization. Adhering to the international advanced management concept and management mode, focusing on guidance and training consumption concept, with "functional beverage market first mover" status and advantages, quickly open the market Chinese Red Bull drinks, gradually become the leading China beverage industry brand.

Main Products:Functional beverage