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Ningbo Jiangdong Xia Ji Import & Export Co. Ltd. [Other]


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[Abstract]We, Richful Deyong Group are now having 12 branches in the Mainland China and 4 offices in Hong Kong. Our Team is composed of 500+ financial consultants and management consultants. We already build up our commercial network across 30 international regions, providing a wide range of service. As a professional consultants company, we believe that we have sufficient qualification to provide diversified international service to meet the requirements of all sorts of customers from all over the world.Our Service:Company Registration, Company Secretary, Business Management, Bookkeeping, Taxation, Brand Building, Tax Planning, Company Listing, Project Financing, Intellectual Property, Offshore Trade And Investment, Asset Evaluation, etc.

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kaixing shoes factory in wenling city [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company set the development, production and sales of independent and OEM processing as a whole, in the production of high-grade male winter The main products are installed, Alfred business, down jacket, windbreaker, high-grade, the company since its inception, the spirit of To the quality of the market, and actively exchanges and cooperation with the famous designers, products classic fashion atmosphere steady, the pursuit of The details of the perfect, in the production of Alfred business down equipment is become an independent school, can provide more professional customers Products and more professional services. In just a few years, the company has become a well-known enterprises in Beijing garment industry Industry, clothing market, the well-known brands, the company has a sound management model and efficient elite team, is each Large shopping malls and brand operators * ideal partner!

Main Products:clothing


Shanghai Gaoshang Trading Co., Ltd. [Other]


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Hongkong Yishuang Holding Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu city Gougou clothing Limited company, franchise based spot wholesale and custom rendering! Products include leggings, leggings, shirt, vest, skirt, dress up the chest and other products, including Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, the style of punk, OL, sweet style etc.. Founded in May 2008, after 7 years of development, products in addition to domestic sales, but also exported to South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and Southeast Asian countries. Driven by the rapid growth of the business, not only have to purchase clothing design for fabrics, accessories, board their own, small batch production team and more than and 30 domestic garment factories to form a stable and cooperative relations. Our two semi self production semi outward accumulation, small batch of outstanding quality and each one has his good points familiar with the surrounding medium batch production line, so the production flexibility. We are too familiar with the purchase of the goods to be delivered. Emergency and products have been sold not bought fabrics we all deal with countless times. With the trademark "--shamizi" Sami posture ", LVSHOU", "-lvshou --xiangshou," the more beautiful xiangshou".

Main Products:Leggings, leggings, shirt, vest, skirt, dress up the chest and other products


Shanghai Baiquan network science and Technology Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]E network is Shanghai Baiquan Network Technology Co., the company's exhibition industry website, has become the Chinese exhibition information services, exhibition publicity, exhibition investment, exhibition promotion and online exhibition service enterprises to promote the leading enterprises, with the most abundant resources of exhibitors, consecutive years won the top ten exhibition industry portal title. Shanghai Baiquan Network Technology Co., Ltd. the main business scope: hosting exhibitions, Internet information services, design, production, publishing, agents various types of advertising, engaged in the field of computer network technology development, technology consulting, technology services, exhibition services, exhibition design, building decoration engineering, exhibition planning. E network is a set of information of the exhibition, exhibition investment, exhibition publicity, exhibition, exhibition services (global set exhibition booth design and construction, etiquette models, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, travel booking, online promotion, etc.) enterprise information on the exhibition exhibitors, exhibition venues, electronic directory is one of the large-scale professional exhibition industry website. In this era of economic growth, we will always be a diversified new building layout and professional image of the whole Southern China area, for the whole country, to the world. Whether you are a group of exhibitors, the exhibition venue providers, service providers, exhibitors or enterprise customers, we are willing to provide to you as the center of the business information service platform for you, everything about the exhibition and. Through a comprehensive, timely exhibition information, as well as efficient and convenient network tools to build a number of functions...

Main Products:China exhibition information services, exhibition publicity, exhibition merchants, exhibitors promotion and Exhibition Services


Focus Technology Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Made-in-CHina.com was developed in 1998 by Focus TecHnology Co., Ltd. and Has become one of tHe leading marketplaces for global trade. As one of tHe leading B2B (Business to Business) portals connecting global buyers witH CHina suppliers, we Have been dev

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Light In The Box Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through www.lightinthebox.com, www.miniinthebox.com, and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages. LightInTheBox offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden. LightInTheBox's innovative data-driven business model allows itself to offer customized products, such as wedding dress and evening dress, at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising and fulfillment.

Main Products:Clothing, electronic products, toys, food, household goods, sporting goods, etc.


Yiwu Guangkuo media Co., Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Yiwu Chinese network (WWW.ZGYWW.CN) is a specific project of Zhejiang daily newspaper group and Yiwu municipal government strategic cooperation, jointly build by both parties, is a government led, media, complementary advantages, enterprise operation, large network platform news, business information, service life, online community, electronic commerce, mobile Internet in one of the. Yiwu Chinese network to fully integrate the Zhejiang daily newspaper group and Yiwu daily media resources, Yiwu social resources, the new Internet media to create a foothold in Yiwu, facing the country, have the whole world in view. China Yiwu network operators are: Yiwu broad media Co., ltd.. Yiwu, China Yiwu network is the only official network media. China Yiwu network on the line, in Yiwu formed a newspaper, a network, a new pattern of the media, to fill the gaps in Yiwu's long-term lack of official network media. At the beginning of the Yiwu China online line, namely the information accurate and timely news gathering, multi platform full form of publishing, dissemination of information quickly, to achieve full coverage of the first time Yiwu news release, breaking news, rolling the important news of the graphic video, quickly became the main source of Yiwu reproduced commercial websites, such as WeChat since the media new media coverage and influence grow with each passing day. Yiwu Chinese network currently operating platform China Yiwu PC terminal, Yiwu China network mobile phone version of the site, "China Yiwu" WeChat public number, Xiuhu forum and Zhejiang news client Yiwu channel (APP, installed over 8 million users, Yiwu City reached 150 thousand users) and other platforms. Content production using a collection, multi format generation, multi terminal synchronous release, the platform seamlessly Zhejiang online and Zhejiang daily newspaper group's major media terminals. China Yiwu network has a wealth of media platforms and operational experience, can give Yiwu municipal enterprises and institutions to provide a full range of promotional solutions. Welcome to discuss cooperation!

Main Products:network platform


Jinhua micro Information Technology Co. Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]The largest WeChat WeChat micro public service platform! The Tencent investment enterprise absolute tall on MSI, domestic mobile internet marketing leader, Chinese largest WeChat service provider, WeChat provides the enterprise development, operations, training, promotion of integrated solutions based on, help companies achieve online and offline exchange (O2O), social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM), mobile (Vshop) the application of light, (lightapp), the deep mining industry have electricity supplier, catering, automobile, real estate, wedding, supermarkets, FMCG, banking, securities, studio and other hundreds of industry solutions.

Main Products:Public WeChat service platform