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wangli group CO.,LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Wang Li Group Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2001, is located in China hardware capital (China) - Yongkang Zhejiang. After 10 years of rapid development, Wang Li group has anti Wang Lian Products Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Wang Denver lubricants Ltd., king of Zhejiang, king of Zhejiang power industry limited company of high anti Door Co. Ltd. and Sichuan Wang Lian Products Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Wang Electric Co. Ltd., Zhejiang car transport logistics Co. Ltd., Zhejiang City of Yongkang province Wang Li Import & Export Co. Ltd., Yongkang City God Ice Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Jin Mu door industry Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang plus color trade limited company in dozens of industries (associated enterprises and Huajue Group Co. Ltd.). With the industrial park headquarters, East Lake, long Tian Cheng, (the new plant construction in Sichuan, Tianjin), security in six production Park, a total area of about 580000 square meters, more than 6 thousand employees, and the introduction of the domestic first-class high degree of professional technical and management personnel more than 800 people, the annual investment promotion personnel funds up to tens of millions of dollars, and the establishment of the Wang School of business. This group has become the integrated anti-theft doors, interior doors, import and export, machinery manufacturing, anti-theft lock, electric bicycle, lubricating oil, consulting, logistics, Internet and other dozens of cross national economy industry, multiple large group company integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the. The group currently has 10000 sales outlets, firmly maintain industry leading position, products are exported to Europe and other more than and 80 countries and regions, and to establish a long-term and stable sales channels in the United States, France, Russia and other countries and regions. In 2013, 2014, 2015 to achieve a China industry sales in the first three consecutive years, the first comprehensive tax tax contribution, 2015 amounted to 230 million yuan, the contribution to society has continuously nance. Group uphold the development of generation, the use of generation, reserve generation product concept, the integration of global resources, the introduction of a large number of international talents to set up R & D center in headquarters in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Italy and Milan are still in the design of the established international art intelligence development base and R & D center, and establish strategic cooperation with scientific research Peking University, Wuhan University, Nankai University, Zhejiang University and other colleges and universities, to achieve continuous product upgrades, continue to provide consumers with safer and more intelligent, more consumer experience. Door lock products developed by the user customized upgrade for remote control, password, IC card, fingerprint, mobile phone, induction, Facebook and iris to open a variety of functions, especially for the elderly and children in the family, to create both safety and temperature, setting up the product era benchmark, China reflects the manufacturing level, meet the world consumption the demand of "national door." Group has won more than 500 national patents, and won the national patent demonstration enterprises honor. Has been "anti-theft anti-theft door lock, double national standards unit" (only), "anti-theft door anti-theft lock, double the national Mianjian products" (door lock, double exemption, industry only), "high tech enterprise", "well-known trademarks" (business, double judicial cognizance, for Ye Weiyi), "Chinese famous brand products", "2014-2016 annual China top 500 real estate development enterprises preferred supplier category first", "National Security Association vice chairman of the unit", "the Ministry of public security GA authentication", "national demonstration project selection of products", "ten international security science and technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "top 100 Chinese building decoration materials the first class enterprise" and other awards, only a first application of anti-theft door ID system to the management of enterprises, and become the deputy director of China Security Industry Association unit. Wang Li in 2016, the brand value of 18 billion 681 million yuan, ranked among the top 500 brands Chinese 128, won 5 first. Company through the five star brand and after-sales service system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification. In 2016 won the China ten brand anti-theft door first, Chinese door ten electricity supplier brand first, Chinese industry leading brand first, China industry leading brand first. Since 2006, there have been president Xi Jinping, former SASAC director Li Rongrong, Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, governor Li Qiang, vice governor Mao Guanglie, Huang Xuming, Zhu Congjiu, Xiong Jianping, Chen Tiexiong, director of the Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary of Jinhua Chen Yi, Xu Jiaai, Zhao Guangjun, the new mayor cum army, vice mayor Zhang Weiya, Fu Lichang, Yongkang Party Secretary Xu, installation mayor Jin Zheng and other leaders at all levels of the king group, affirmed the company's healthy and rapid development. The Wang Li group with "science and technology is open for a better life" as the core concept of "world-class locking solutions provider for the vision to lead the industry trend, create value experience, achieve win-win value" for the mission, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, excellence, win-win" values, to provide differentiated products the route to continue, with science and technology as the main products for the carrier to corporate conscience with the people thought, continue to provide safe, convenient, beyond the potential demand for the basic demands of the value of products, while meeting the taste of life continued to solve the integration of the whole Home Furnishing security concept, continue to deepen the function of product differentiation, the national moral and mission the sense of the industrialization of the country dream! The future king power group will as in the past to market-oriented to innovation as the driving force, to the quality of life, user God, using TS16949 automotive quality management system, establishing the stereoscopic warehouse and the world's advanced intelligent production line as well as the "World Museum door"

Main Products:Security Door Interior Door Digital Door Bathroom Door


Jinhua Guwu Yaohuo Taoci Wenhua Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Wu ancient kiln fire, Wuzhou City cultural landmark, the promotion of the new city name card, provincial and municipal leaders spoke highly of. Is a collection of research and development and sales of ceramic products, Wuzhou kiln Wuzhou kiln ancient cultural experience, intangible cultural heritage tasting and other functions in one of the industrial and cultural tourism enterprises; the original "green jade porcelain" series of products won the global Chinese Award, the national gold medal, gold, silver and bronze at the provincial level and more than 30 grand prix.

Main Products:Research and development and sales of ceramic products, Wuzhou kiln Wuzhou kiln ancient cultural experience, intangible cultural heritage tasting



[Abstract]Zhejiang Yongda Stainless Steel Manufacture Co., Ltd. is one of the most experienced pressure cooker maker in China. Our products have one quarter of Japan market share and are supplied to many European companies. Our company was established in Oct.1997, it belongs to Zhaolong Group who has 2.8 billion RMB yearly turnover with registered capital of 296 million RMB. We have European CE, German GS, Japanese SG, Korean KS,US UL and Chinese QS certificates. We also have over 30 patented knowhows. Our company passed ISO9001:2000 quality assurance in year 2000 and got the certificate of ISO14000 in year 2011. Choose maturity is a vision. Our people will meet your demand by utilizing our expertise and continue endeavor of 16 years to fulfill your dream of endless pursuit of quality and creativity.

Main Products:Our company is specializing in designing,producing and IM&EX stainless steel pressure cookers


Zhejiang Mingchuang Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Have benn in LED line exceed 8years,professional in LED spotlight,LED street light,LED high bay light,LED movable working light,LED tunnel light,LED yard light.

Main Products:Have benn in LED line exceed 8years,professional in LED spotlight,LED street light,LED high bay light,LED movable working light,LED tunnel light,LED yard light.


Hape International (Ningbo) Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Hape is an environmental friendly toy brand originated from Germany. It belongs to Hape Holding AG, a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children’s wooden toys made from sustainable materials, established in Germany in the 1980’s by Founder and CEO Peter Handstein. Hape produces the developmental wooden toys with premium quality for children from birth to 6 years old. Currently, there are eight Hape global offices, and Hape International (Ningbo) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary in China.

Main Products:Each design and product of Hape toys is developed to enhance child’s developmental skills.Using natural materials, water-based paint and strict quality control make every Hape toy an investment that children love and parents trust.


Xianju Zhu Mei Enterprise Co.Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Founded in 1997, is a company engaged in automobile interiors, health pillow, fashion handbag R & D, production and sales of the modern enterprise. Companies always adhere to the "human health, social return" mission, adhere to customer-centric, market-oriented, continuous innovation, is committed to the implementation of the "century Zhu Zhu Mei Mei, global strategy.

Main Products:Automotive interior parts, health pillow, fashion handbag


YIWU CITY HUALING ZIPPER CO. LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]About us: YIWU CITY HUALING ZIPPER CO., LTD was established by Mr Hanling Hong in 1994. We are specialized in zipper business for 25 years and providing updated and improved zipper products for our customers. Our company is the President company of Yiwu Zipper Association and the vice director of China National Zipper Association. Our general manager is the chairman of Yiwu Zipper Association and is a member of China National Zipper Association of Experts. Our factory is located in the worldwide famous city of small commodities—Yiwu, Zhejiang province, which has a remarkable position, a developed logistics, a centralized information centre, to provide an effective way at realizing high quality and convenient service. Motivator and standard setter of zipper association We insist in the development of zipper business only all the time. We strictly follow the ISO9001: 2008 quality system requirements, insist to continuous improvement, innovation and strive for perfection. Products have passed Oeko-tex 100 awarded by international environmental textile Association. The brand”TONGSHUN” has been titled as Zhejiang Well-known Trademark and Zhejiang Famous Products and one of the twelve famous brand zipper in China. The company has been named the top fifty industrial companies in China and become the only one enterprise of “Annual Quality Award” by Yiwu Government in 2014. With the advantages of the industry’s leading, the company actively participate in the zipper industry standards of china lght industry. And develop the standard of Yiwu zipper industry which is higher than the national standard. And the standard of Yiwu die casting slider industry. Professional supplier of zipper with complete products and facilities Our company started from the metal zipper products. After more than 20 years of development, we have successfully established a complete range of zipper products, including finished zippers, zipper long chains and sliders with metal nylon and plastic material, which make us to provide a comprehensive service for our customers. Our company has more than 2000sets of international advanced automatic equipments, integrates the advantages of regional industry, to serve our customers at a fast and high quality way. Customer-oriented, and make effort on customer value creation “To think more for you” is our company’s service concept. We promise to provide our customers with continuous improvement in services with higher quality, quicker lead time and more choices, to build a powerful brand. Not only to satisfy our customers’ own demand, but also to provide more choices for you with our specialized ability and innovation. Let’s grow together!



NINGBO XINHAI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd. founded in 1993 is specializing in development, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality pocket lighters, utility lighters, sprayers and medical devices. Xinhai is the largest lighter manufacturer in Asia and ranks No. 3 in the world lighter industry. Our products are sold to more than 87 countries and regions including USA, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

Main Products:Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd. founded in 1993 is specializing in development, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality pocket lighters, utility lighters, sprayers and medical devices. Xinhai is the largest lighter manufacturer in Asia and ranks No. 3 in the world lighter industry. Our products are sold to more than 87 countries and regions including USA, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.


China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]China Quality Mark Certification Group (Abbr.CQM), registered by the Organization of National Register legally, is engaged in the certification and training service. China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd. is Core enterprise, approved by National Certification and Accreditation Supervision and administration department, registered in China which has an independent legal entity of the third party certification, training institutions. ------With the working network spreading all over the country, we offer you high-efficient and convenient service at anytime and anywhere Being approved by the former China State Bureau of Technical Supervision (CSBTS) in Sept.1991, China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM) always upholds the management mission of "seeking development depending on quality, and serving the world with sincerity". With the development of the more than 20 years, CQM has possessed 29 subsidiary companies, branches and office in the whole country and become a comprehensive certification and training body providing certification, training and other conformity assessment. We are ready to provide efficient and effective services for customers who request certification or training.

Main Products:Certification for Zhejiang Made;managementsystem certification;product Certification


“International Certification Alliance for Zhejiang Made”, 英语缩写“CZJM” [trade]

[Abstract]A Brief Introduction of "Zhejiang Made" IQNet According to the guiding principles of Opinions on Building the "Zhejiang Made" Brand issued by General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and to the Guiding Opinions on Implementing the "Zhejiang Made" Certification Work, we shall thoroughly implement the Strategy of Building a Powerful Province in Terms of Standardization, Quality, and Brand Construction and accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure, as well as the transformation and upgrading of the economy, of Zhejiang Province, and set out the requirements for creating an overall regional brand of "Zhejiang Made". China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM), China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Hangzhou WIT Assessment Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Hande Quality Certification Service Co., Ltd, Underwriter Laboratories Inc., TÜV SÜD Greater China, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd, Intertek Group plc, and Bureau Veritas have co-founded the "Zhejiang Made" IQNet. In 2014, Certification and Accreditation Administration of China issued documents to explicitly support the People's Government of Zhejiang Province to acknowledge third-party certification and actively support the pilot run of "Zhejiang Made" product certification by an alliance of certification agencies. Based on the relevant laws and regulations on certification and accreditation, IQNet organizes its member agencies to develop related certification standards or technical norms. Based on Performance Excellence Evaluation, Enterprise Quality and Integrity Management Evaluation, GB/T19001, GB/T24001, GB/T28001, and Voluntary Product Certification and integrating the basic philosophy of "Quality Excellence, Independent Innovation, Industrial Collaboration, and Social Responsibility" with advanced quality management practices, "Zhejiang Made" certification is a comprehensive innovative certification framework used to evaluate how well enterprises are managed and how advanced their product quality and technologies are. "Zhejiang Made" certification yields objective, true, and credible certification results, provides basis for the mutual recognition between the "Zhejiang Made" brand and other international certification brands, incorporates requirements featuring "Zhejiang Made" into the certification techniques, and offers various certification combinations from "self-declaration + production inspection" to "certification + Zhejiang Made management requirement evaluation" and to post-certification supervision, all of which are based on the product risk, certification risk, and the credibility of certification test results. Since its establishment, "Zhejiang Made" IQNet has built a product certification spectrum covering 39 categories including energy-saving and environmental-friendly equipment, transportation equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, general equipment and parts, special equipment and parts, new materials, consumables, and fashion products, and the coverage is still expanding. We shall push forward the sustainable, efficient, and healthy development of "Zhejiang Made" certification and substantially enhance the impartiality and authoritativeness of "Zhejiang Made" certification. "Zhejiang Made" IQNet Management Rules 1. Management Requirements for "Zhejiang Made" IQNet Member Agencies; 2. Measures for Personnel Management of "Zhejiang Made" Certification; 3. Measures for Management of Technical Documents of "Zhejiang Made" IQNet; 4. Norms for Accepting and Handling "Zhejiang Made" Certification Cases; 5. Norms for Management of "Zhejiang Made" Certification Projects; 6. Measures for Self-Discipline Management of "Zhejiang Made" IQNet Members; 7. Requirements for "Zhejiang Made" Information Bulletins; 8. Measures for Management of "Zhejiang Made" Certificates and Marks; 9. Norms for Use of "Zhejiang Made" Certificates and Marks; 10. Norms for Laboratory Management of "Zhejiang Made" Certification; 11. Evaluation Guide for Management Requirements of "Zhejiang Made" Evaluation Norms; 12. Project Management Procedure for "Zhejiang Made" Product Certification

Main Products:Certification for Zhejiang Made