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Jiangshan HangHao Sports Goods Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Hang ho sports goods factory Jiangshan City is skipping rope, rope skipping, electronic counting, hula hoop, chest, barricades, push ups, grip, abdominal wheel, waist disc, combination of fitness supplies, fitness circle, traffic safety barricades and roadblocks, skating leg chest, abdominal wheel, arm force, push up support, H push ups, counting grip products such as professional production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Main Products:Rope skipping, chest


Jiangshan Baoqiu Sports Goods Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Ball, elastic ball, Yu Jiaqiu

Main Products:Ball, elastic ball, Yu Jiaqiu


Kaihua Wanjia Melamine Products Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Kaihua Wanjia Melamine Products Factory is located in the beautiful scenery of the Zhejiang Jiangxi and Anhui provinces of Kaihua County, the factory covers an area of 30000 square meters, the main production of melamine tableware, the company adopts advanced technology and equipment manufactured by hot pressing with non-toxic tasteless, acid and alkali resistance and high strength characteristics of all kinds of Chinese and foreign melamine senior melamine tableware, chopsticks and other varieties, full color, can be customized to the needs of customers and amine, home entertainment, restaurants and other places of choice for dining utensils. Our annual production scale of more than 20 thousand. Always focus on "ring control, customer satisfaction; the innovation of science and technology, industry leading quality policy", strengthen the enterprise internal management level continuously, increase research and development of new products, and continuously improve product quality and service level, product quality is stable and has sold all over the country and successfully enter the international market, and has been all the customers praise! Welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen came to discuss and sample custom!!

Main Products:Dishes, bowls and chopsticks


Zhejiang Kangbao Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Stainless steel products


Zhejiang Zhendong Stationery Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Zhendong Stationery Company Limited mainly engaged in products such as. The company respected "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, to create a good business environment, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to the customer first service to customers, adhere to their move customer service. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit our company to guide the work of our company, the specific address is: Kaihua County Chengguan Industrial Zone, Yin Keng processing base. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can directly give us a message or contact us directly, we will receive your information, will be the first time to contact you in time.

Main Products:Pencil, color pencil, etc.


Changsan Youya Trading Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:LDE lamps, textiles, daily necessities, silk products


LanXi Huateng Clothing Factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Tea and tea clothing


LanXi Fumin Arts & crafts Factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Simulated fruit


Lanxi Jiayi Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Lanxi Jiayi Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the national unified order telephone: 0579-81539257, the main production and sales of hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, Panama, children cap, fashion hats, leisure hats, duck tongue cap, sun hat, baseball cap, hip hop cap, fisherman hat, cowboy hat, riding hat, hat, hat props, hats and other various styles available, mainly exported to all over the world, the domestic large and medium-sized city. Nice hat high quality and good reputation, a solemn commitment of the staff adhere to the "product qualification rate of 100%", 100% "double hundred principle of customer satisfaction, adhering to the" professional, integrity, diligence, quality "business philosophy, the spirit of" pragmatic innovation, excellence, "the entrepreneurial spirit, to update the image and better price and perfect sales system for the majority of customer service. Nice hat sincerely hope to cooperate with people from all walks of life all over the world to become a friendly partner, warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit, guidance, and seek common development.

Main Products:Casual hat


Jinhua Jindong Introducing Material Processing [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Ornaments