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VIP Club Regulations

Chapter One General Provisions

Article 1 Name: VIP Buyer’s Club (hereinafter referred to as: Club)

Article 2 Nature:Club is launched and founded by Yiwu China Commodities City Exhibition Co.,ltd(hereinafter referred to as CCC Exhibition). It is a comprehensive service organization facing to overseas buyer of CCC Exhibition Fair.

Article 3 Tenet:By strengthening the contact and communication with different sectors of the society, Club aims to make full use of its resources advantages and become the platform of Fairs and also the platform that provides buyers and people from all walks of life with the bilateral interaction and excellent services.

Article 4 Club is guided, managed and supervised by CCC Exhibition.

Chapter Two Organization

Article 5 VIP Buyers Club organized by CCC Exhibition is a permanent organization which mainly takes charge of the operation of Club and the routine work. The operation and business of this organization shall center on the members, aiming to strengthen communication among members and service the members better.

Chapter Three Membership

Article 6 The membership application isaiming at who have reached the age of 18 and have been attended CCC Exhibition Fair for once or visit Fair with Canton Fair trade badge.

Article 7 As the member of VIP Clun, you do not need to pay  the membership fees. However, the membership  cannot be transferred or gifted

Chapter Four Rights and Obligations of Members

Article 8 The members have the right to enjoy the benefits and services provided by Club.

Article 9 Members have the right to join the club or withdraw the membership of his or her own free will.

Article 10 The regulations have binding effect on all members of Club. The members must not make damages to the reputation of CCC Exhibition and Club during the period of membership. The regulations constitute the contract between the Club and the members. Once a member’s application for joining this Club is approved, the applicant shall obey the regulations. And when membership application is submitted, it will be considered that the applicant agrees to accept the constraint of the regulations.

Article 11 The members shall not use the facilities, preferential terms, services, information or documents provided by Club and CCC Exhibitionto engage in any other commercial activities or activities that are harmful for Club or CCC Exhibition.

Article 12 The members have the right to make suggestions for the organizations and operation of the Club. But they don’t have the right for the properties of the Club.

Chapter Five Membership Card

Article 13 After the membership application is approved, members will receive a personal exclusive membership card issued by the Club. An exclusive bar code and a photo have been attached on the membership card.

Article 14 Membership card only can be used by its owner and it is not allowed to be borrowed or transferred.

Chapter Six Member Information

Article 15 The members should make sure to offer complete and correct personal information to Club so that they can enjoy all member rights.

Article 16 Club will inform the members of the related information and rights by phones, cellphone text messages or emails.

Article 17 You should notify Club in time if your personal information is changed. If one member can’t enjoy the Club membership rights or can’t get the Club information normally because his or her personal information provided is not correct, or he or she do not timely notify the Club to make the information change. He or she will be responsible for that by himself or herself, and the Club takes no responsibilities.

Chapter Seven Supplementary Provisions

Article 18 The regulations comes into effect since October 1st, 2013. The right to interpret and modify the regulations belongs to CCC Exhibition.