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Yiwu Fair Held on

Oct.21st-24th 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)
Oct.25th 8:30-14:00 (Public Day)


About the Rights and Responsibilities of Yiwu Fair VIP Members

1.Member Benefits:

1.With the membership card, members can visit the other fairs held by CCC Exhibition or any organizations owned by China Commodity City.

2.During the exhibition, members can enjoy all VIP services (the final services are based on the services set up in the site.)

3.Visit the points plan to be launched by Club afterwards, check the points online and get the reward points.

4.Enjoy other services provided by Club.

Special explanation related to the rights and interests

Member is referred to the official Club member whose application information has been examined and approved by CCC Exhibition and the member card has been formed in the system.

2.Member Obligations

1.Club members shall abide by the responsibilities regulated by the Regulations of this Club.

2.Club member shall accept the visit of Yiwu Fair Exhibition in case that he or she is appointed in advance.

3.Club member shall accept and cooperate with the surveys such as questionnaire survey launched by CCC Exhibition.

4.Club members shall inform the Club when their personal information changes to make sure the rights and interests the Club gives to the members.