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Yiwu Fair Held on

Oct.21st-24th 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)
Oct.25th 8:30-14:00 (Public Day)

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1.The Location of Yiwu

Yiwu is situated in the heart of Zhejiang Province. It is 300 km away from Shanghai ,and 120 km away from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang. Yiwu is well-located and it is convenient be here. Yiwu is in a midway position of the Pacific Northwest, connecting Guangdong and Fujian in the south; connecting Shanghai economic zone in the north. Yiwu is facing the Golden Channel of Pacific and  the premier port of East China —Ningbo. 

2. The location of China Yiwu International Commodities Fair.

China Yiwu International Commodities Fair is held in Yiwu International Expo Center (it stands in the cross of Yiwu Zongze Road and Jiangdong Road). 

3.The Scale of this Exhibition and Sorts of Products?

The 23rd China Yiwu International Commodities Fair will be held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. There are 4500 international standard booths. Various industries, including Hardware, Electromechanical facilities, Electronic & Electrical Appliance, Daily Necessities, Crafts, Cultural and Official Goods, Sport & Outdoor Products, Clothing, Shoes and Hats, Knitwear, Jewelry & Accessories, Toys, Pet and Aquarium Supplies, Auto Accessory, Intelligent Lifestyle displayed in ten pavilions. Yiwu Fair also has special zones, Zhejiang Made Zone, International Pavilion, Intelligent Lifestyle Zone, E-business Zone, Trade Services, Women’s Federation, and Zhejiang Shanhai Cooperation Zone, Micro-boss Zone and etc.

4.When will the 23rd China Yiwu International Commodities Fair be held?

Yiwu Fair will be held from Oct.21st to Oct.25th in 2017. And Yiwu Commodities Market is open every day, except in Spring Festival.

5.How is the transportation condition of Yiwu?

Yiwu government enjoys developing transportations. The three-dimensional transportation network, including highway, railway and aviation, makes it convenient to travel between Yiwu and other big cities of China.
There are 20 flights connecting Yiwu with Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Chongqing, Jieyang, Zhengzhou, Haikou, Shenyang, Zhuhai, Sanya, Tianjin, Hefei, DalianXiangyang, Chengdu and Wulumuqi etc.

Flight Inquiry: +86-579-96555    

Yiwu is on the Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou and Jinhua-Ningbo expressways, near 03,20,37 provincial roads. There are over 982 inter-provincial routes for passengers. Yiwu is only 1.5 hours' drive to Hangzhou, 3 hours's drive to Shanghai, 1.5 hours' drive to Ningbo.

Tel: +86-579-96233    

More than 607 trains service passengers daily in Yiwu, direct access to Beijing, Guangzhou Shanghai and other major cities.
Tel: +86-579-95105105

6.The History of China Yiwu Commodities Fair

It was founded in 1995 with the approval of the State Council.

In 1998, it had been jointly hosted by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, China National Light Industries Coucil and State Bureau of Internal Trade.

In 2001, it was held in the new-built expo center.

In 2002, it was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and upgraded as an international commodities fair.

In 2004, Yiwu Fair was honored as "2004 China Brand Exhibition", :2004 China Best Government-sponsored Exhibition".

In 2005, Yiwu enterprises attended Asia Styles.

In 2009, it was held in the new international expo center.

It  has become the member of UFI since 2011, which is the 58th UFI Fair in China.

It has applied informationization technology such as Micro-blog, Wechat, and APP to launch exhibition promotion in 2013.

7.How is the weather in Yiwu when expo is held?

Affected by monsoon climate,Yiwu enjoys a temperate weather with well-marked seasons with plenty of rainfall and sunshine.The annual temperature is around 17.2℃,annual rainfall is 1403.1mm,and the humidity is 76%.Yiwu Fair is held in October which is one of the best months of the year.The monthly mean temperature is 18.8℃,the average monthly rainfall is 67.7mm,and the humidity is 77%.Sky in autamn is high and atmosphere pleasant,cool breeze blowing,It is the golden season to go to tourism trade.

8.Daily opening hours?

8:30:00~17:00 on Oct.21-24
8:30:00~14:00 on Oct.25 

9.To recommend some Yiwu local specialty restaurant

Because many foreign businessmen from all around the world are doing business in Yiwu, local people offer lots of kinds of restaurants in Yiwu.  For the convenience of these customers’ diet, you can find your favorite food, such as Korean Cuisine, Chiu Chow, Taiwanese Food, Xinjiang Style, Middle East Style, Brazil Style, Bayu Style, Arabian Style and so on. You can also find gourmet restaurants of sino-west style, barbecue& hotpots and steak houses in this international city.

10.How long does it take from Shanghai to Yiwu?

It takes 1.5 hours by high-speed rail.