Chinese Knot Made in Yiwu Appears in China Pavilion of Milan Expo

Chinese Knot Made in Yiwu Appears in ChinaPavilion of MilanExpo

    It is learned that the Chinese knot appearing in China Pavilion of Milan Expo is manually made of marine cables with a net height of 6.8 meters, a rope diameter of 4.3 centimeters and a weight of about 1 ton. The Chinese knot is designed and manufactured in Yiwu International Trade Mart. “Made in Yiwu” becomes the focus all over the world again.

    Jiang Changning, deputy curator of China Pavilion, is in charge of the procurement. According to his introduction, the reason to choose Yiwu product lies in its innovative technology. He said, “The Chinese knot produced in Yiwu is different from common products stuffed with plastics. It adopts the most advanced technology, which can make color last for one year in outdoors. Moreover, if it is not to be conserved after the expo, just bury it underground and it will completely disappear half a year later. It truly realizes the request to incarnate traditional significance, environmental protection and level of science and technology.”