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Sales of Beddings Industry in Yiwu Market are Booming in June
Source: Fair News        Time:2015-08-12 [ BACK ]

Sales of Beddings Industry in Yiwu Market are Booming in June

     The beddings industry of Yiwu Market is mainly located on 2F, District V, International Trade Mart. There are over 1,600 business entities dealing in 4pcs bedding sets, bedclothes, blankets, mattresses, pillow inners, cushions and so on, more than 70% of which are mainly exported to the Middle East, Russia, Spain and other countries and regions. In June, the overall sales of beddings industry are in good condition with trade volumes steadily rising.

     Demand for sleeping mats goes up with the rising temperature. Recently, the sleeping mats made from natural and pollution-free materials combined with traditional techniques, modern crafts and design philosophy have become the main products of current market. Due to the functions of coolness, comfort and sleeping assistance, the fashionable ice silk bedding mats with big jacquards are popular among purchasers with frequent orders in both wholesales and retails. The cool rattan mats, light but strong, with features of mould proof and vermin proof, are effective in improving sleeping of both the kids and the elders. Traditional straw mats, bamboo mats and flax mats, with soft and comfortable touch, enjoy stable sales.

     Sales of sleeping pillows with Chinese herbal medicine and neck protective pillows are outstanding. With the increasing demand for sleeping quality, pillows with functions of sleeping improvement and neck protection are gradually becoming the new favorite of beddings industry. Summer space memory neck protective pillows made from materials of aerospace technology, slow recovery memory butterfly pillows and neck protective round pillows are highly marketable. The sales of ice silk pillows with Chinese herbal medicine bags inside, physical therapy pillows of semen cassias and tranquilization pillows of tea siftings and jasmine flowers are increasing steadily. Jade health care pillows of middle to high class are retail dominated with a stable sales volume.

     The foreign trade of blankets remains stable. Recently, blankets have become the highlight products of foreign procurements. Among which, purchasers from Russia, Africa,Spainand other countries and regions are mainly placing reorders with a stable volume. While their sales in theMiddle Easthave slowed down due to the month of Ramadan and are expected to rise in the future. In addition, the demands for flannel blankets, raschel blankets, cotton thread blankets and multifunctional short woolen blankets are stable, while the sales of theMiddle Eastblankets and prayer blankets are relatively lackluster.