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Sales of Suitcases & Bags Industry in Yiwu Market Keep Increasing Steadily in June
Source: Fair News        Time:2015-08-18 [ BACK ]

Sales of Suitcases & Bags Industry in Yiwu Market Keep Increasing Steadily in June

      Since June, the overall sales of suitcases & bags industry in Yiwu Market keep stable and parts of products are selling well.

     The design of suitcases & bags products becomes more and more personalized and functional. Suitcase and bags, especially shoulder bags and haversacks, are focusing less on traditional functions but more on decorative functions. In other words, bags are no longer a necessity to contain objects for consumers, but a fashionable and personalized decoration. The characteristic designs of bags can be found in many aspects, such as appearance design, color matching, way of shouldering, way of opening, prevention of thievery and so on. With more and more requirements consumers place to the functional design of bags, there will be more obvious functions designed to bags. For example, the previous black heavy professional camera bags are now designed into different colors and shapes by manufacturers to emphasize more on their decorative function according to the needs of consumers.

      Recently, the overall sales of suitcases & bags industry are smooth and steady with little fluctuations in prices. Among bags, fashion bags are still the sales leader with increasing demand of both domestic and overseas consumers. With outstanding fashion trends and diversified styles of matching, fashion bags are daringly designed and are mainly in bright colors, among which, products of low and medium class occupy the majority and are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America. For suitcases, fluorescence colored trolley travelling cases wide spreading last year are still popular with purchasers this year. Moreover, with more and more young people fond of travelling, all kinds of camping bags, casual bags and trolley cases are becoming a necessity for outings. These products have a stable sales volume and several multi-functional products which are light and handy for carriage enjoy great sales.

     As one of the mature industries of Yiwu Market, the suitcases & bags industry is mainly located on 1F, District II, International Trade Mart. There are more than 2,000 booths dealing in fashion bags, casual bags, briefcases, school bags, travelling cases, trolley cases and other products with many famous brands like Montagut, Polo, Septwolves, Crocodile, Laonerto, Mickey and Goldenlion, etc.. More than 75% of the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and other countries and regions.