Sales of Rain Shoes Industry of Yiwu Market are Promising

Sales of Rain Shoes Industry of Yiwu Market are Promising

     Rain shoes industry of Yiwu market is mainly located in the east of 3F, District IV, International Trade Mart, with 42 booths and 47 business entities. It mainly deals in rubber rain shoes, PVC rain shoes, children’s rain shoes, adults’ rain shoes and so on, which are mainly exported to Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions with a high export-oriented degree.

    The overall sales of rain shoes industry are promising. In June, the prosperity index of rain shoes recovers from low with an increase of 16.3%. The foreign trade is stable but there are also pretty highlights made in its sales.

    Fashionable rain shoes enjoy outstanding sales. With the improvement of consumption level, more and more people are attracted by fashionable and personalized rain shoes, the sales of which are slightly rising. Brightly colored floral half rain shoes are popular among young ladies with hot sales. High-heeled rain shoes and dimensional rain shoes become new highlights with increasing demand. Men’s knee-high rain shoes with camouflage pattern are selling quite well.

    The sales of children’s rain shoes are performing well. Recently, the sales of children’s rain shoes are performing well with a rising demand than that of adults’ rain shoes. High quality children’s rain shoes with bright colors and cartoon patterns are especially popular among consumers and have become hot with demand steadily rising. The sales of children’s translucent crystal floral half rain shoes are also remarkably increasing.

    The foreign trade remains stable with a promising prospect. The foreign trade continues to be smooth and steady in June. The export of fashionable and innovative products to South Korea and Russia is excellent. Orders of comfortable and durable winter rain shoes with velvet from South America have also been frequently placed. Low-priced and affordable products are favored by customers from Africa and the Middle East. According to the quotations of previous years, it is expected that foreign trade will be promising from August. At that time, orders from Europe, Japan, South Korea and other regions will be increasing distinctly.