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Brazilian E Packet (EUB) Come Online in Yiwu
Source: Fair News        Time:2015-11-06 [ BACK ]

Brazilian E Packet (EUB) Come Online in Yiwu

   In recent years, appearance of cross-border e-commerce has made enterprises see the business opportunities of commercial globalization, and the number of Chinese enterprises that export products to the international market through cross-border e-commerce has been growing year by year. A few days ago, cross-border logistics Brazilian E packet (EUB) officially opened in Yiwu.
   Brazilian E packet (EUB) Special Line is the product of the close cooperation between Brazil Post and China Post. It not only inherits the low cost of China Post Air Mail and the advantage of no-tariff within 50 dollars, but also sharply reduces delivery time and rate of packet loss. In the past, it took at least 2 to 3 months for a China Post Air Mail to be delivered from Yiwu to Brazil. Now, Brazilian E packet (EUB) promises to deliver goods in 15 to 20 days and accepts a packet loss compensation insurance of at most RMB 1,000 per packet. 

   According to statistics of, China takes up 55% of market shares in Brazilian international online purchases every year. Most goods sold on the famous 25th Street, St. Paul, Brazil are from Yiwu. As soon as logistics problems are solved, operators in Yiwu can take fuller advantages of Yiwu Commodity Distribution Center and Cross-border E-commerce Highland. It is understood that since E packet(EUB) opened, the number of goods and enterprises using E packet(EUB) has gone up rapidly. Enterprises using E packet (EUB) have reached more than 10,000 by far. Nowadays, about 20,000 E packet (EUB) parcels are delivered from Yiwu to Brazil every day.

   The launch of Brazilian E packet (EUB) is actually a natural result of cross-border e-commerce enterprises adapting to the national strategy of “One Belt, One Road”. Apart from Brazil, E packet (EUB) will focus on setting up a special line for Latin America in the future. The advances in logistics do play an essential role in the development of e-commerce. To satisfy the demand of the market and to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, logistics is supposed to clear the path of progress ahead of e-commerce.