Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Jewelry Industry in China Commodity City

Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Jewelry Industry in China Commodity City

    Located in District I, Yiwu International Trade Mart, jewelry industry is one of the competitive industries in Yiwu market, with over 3,000 booths and more than 800 thousand kinds of products. Businessmen that come to Yiwu market are from more than 200 countries and regions. Jewelry industry has taken up over 30 % of international market share. After years of development, Yiwu’s jewelry industry has cultivated a great number of large-scale and high-end renowned enterprises that have built good reputations in China and all over the world, such as Neoglory, Meilian and Linlang. The 2015/2016 fashion trend of jewelry industry in China commodity city has the following features: 

1. Material selection, technical reformation and product innovation always keep up with the consumption trend

    With the popularity of the healthy and environmentally friendly principle of wearable products, jewelry industry is striving to refine on material selection. For example, artificial linen that is compressed and agglutinated by yarn, linen, leno and cotton thread is simple but elegant with unaffected grain; new alloy material CoCrMo is allergy-free and scratch-proof; jewelry made from flos magnoliae liliflorae, eupatorium, cassia, semen zanthoxyli and other Chinese herbal medicines are popular with customers around the world because of the depression release and diseases prevention functions and environmental protection. In terms of craftworks, the popularity and application of wax-set casting technique and laser welding technique help to reduce labor costs, decrease metal consumption and control environmental pollution. 

2. Numerous colors make the diversity of individual pursuits possible

    The selection and match of colors always vary from person to person. Various colors provide jewelry customers with more expansive individual consumption space. Fashion colors of jewelry industry of this year are as follows: comfortable pastel amber red is more introverted and dignified than previous red; lively and glorious orange system, which is between the bright color of red peppers and the natural color of bricks, looks more confident; green system, which contains colors from pleasant warm yellow green to soothing cool blue green, presents fresh, juicy and edible features of fruits and vegetables and reminds people to feel the generosity of the nature at any moment.  

3. New consumption concepts nurture innovative products

    Nowadays, new consumption concepts are emerging continuously, which results in various innovative products. Judging from the consumption mainstream of the market, most of those products have the following features: firstly, innovative and individual products are popular with young customers, such as newly fashionable “bean sprout” hairpins and jewelry with personalized styles like Tangbao (a character in Journey of Flower); secondly, safety and environmental protection become key elements, with products made of jades, agates, crystals, ceramics, bamboos and other natural materials being more popular with customers; thirdly, customers pay more attention to practical designs, with a number of jewelry that have early education, lighting, storage, writing, money detecting or other functions gradually catching people’s attention and being highly regarded.