Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Scarves Industry in China Commodity City

Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Scarves Industry in China Commodity City

   Scarves industry is located on 4F and 5F, District IV, Yiwu International Trade Mart, with 1,391 booths and 1,763 business entities. Yiwu is a distribution center of the scarves products. 90% of China’s exports of scarves are from Yiwu, and 80% of scarves sold all over the world are also from Yiwu. Scarves from Yiwu are exported not only to the developed countries including America, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Italy and Russia but also to the developing countries in the Middle East and Africa. The 2015/2016 fashion trend of scarves industry in China commodity city has the following features:

1. New technologies improve product features comprehensively 

  At present, flower pattern, animal figure pattern, geometric figure pattern, tie-dyed pattern and flower-animal combined pattern are the major patterns of printed scarves. With the development of science and technology, printing technology improves greatly. For example, the printing equipment achieves electromechanical integration; numerical control printing takes place of manual printing; discharging printing, reserve printing and other new techniques appear. The application of new alkali decrement processing technology and the artificial silk arranging method of using sodium hydroxide solution to treat dacron can reduce the weight of fabrics and make fabrics more permeable, reversible and softer. Compared with manual rolling, the mechanical rolling wrinkle technique can produce more regular and neater wrinkles. 

2. Material Selection becomes more exquisite

    Chiffon silk is the most frequently used fabric in 2015. Chiffon silk scarves with patterns of MacDonald series and Bobby series sell best due to the soft and silky hand feeling and big size. Printed crepe satin plain scarves that are made of five satins interwoven on the shuttle silk loom are also selling well. In terms of textures, from previously fashionable voile, chiffon and artificial cashmere to today’s double velour, polar fleece, coral velvet and cotton velveteen, those fabrics are all soft and comfortable, fadeless, non-shedding, non-pilling, warm to wear and non-irritating to the skin. 

3. Function designs focuses more on match 

    In recent years, bright colors and fluorescent colors have had their own fashion styles, making a colorful world back in the prosperous period of Tang Dynasty. Besides the most traditional black spots going with golden background, derivative matches such as black spots with white, red, rose red, purple, royal blue, and black green backgrounds are much more popular with customers. At present, cotton scarves with strong affinity which are printed with geometric pattern or animal and plant printing become all-match type; knitted scarves match better with tweed clothes and other non-eye-catching clothes to present elegance and intellectuality. As for men’s scarves, extensive printing is still the most frequently used element. Matching clothes with scarves of champagne printing or colorful printing will make you gentlemanlike.