Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Hardware & Electrical Appliances Industry in China Commodity City

Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Hardware & Electrical Appliances Industry in China Commodity City

    Hardware & electrical appliances industry is concentrated in District II, Yiwu International Trade Mart, with about 4,500 booths and 5,500 business entities, mainly dealing in hardware tools, electronic instruments, household appliances and so on. Depending on the advantage of Yiwu market, export-oriented degree of the industry expands gradually and has exceeded 75%, and the products are exported all over the world. The 2015/2016 fashion trend of hardware & electrical appliances industry in China Commodity City has the following features:

1. Application of new materials improves the product performance

   At present, traditional hardware tools with lead acid battery and nickel-cadmium and nickel-zinc battery have been gradually replaced by portable and durable lithium battery tools. New materials, featuring good wear-resistance, high hardness and portability, are widely used in kitchen wares, tools and other hardware products. In order to adapt the requirement of miniaturization and high accuracy development, lightweight graphene with high-intensity is adopted as the raw material of waterproof electrical products so as to improve leakproofness and abrasive resistance.

2. New functions make products more intelligent

    While the industry pays more attention to practicability and aesthetics of the products, comfortable and convenient products are popular with customers. Electrification, pneumatizing miniaturization and automation will become the developing trend of this industry. Intelligent wearable devices have transformed from conceptualization to commercialization. New wearable devices such as intelligent watch, bracelet and sport monitoring device continually show up and will be the sale point in the future. The electrical products continue to develop in the aspect of intelligent, and safety, efficiency and energy conservation have become the primary focus. With the development of internet, all kinds of household electronic terminal products such as internet TV, internet radio and interactive internet game machine are popular with the young consumers. The interconnection and interoperability of hardware & electrical appliances will be a great developing direction of the industry.

3. The color and packing design become fashionable

   In order to increase the additional value of the products, the hardware & electrical appliances industry constantly brings forth new ideas on appearance and packing. Well packed household tool sets with various tools become ideal gifts. Adoption of grass green makes military electronic devices more professional in outdoors. Colorful and magnificent household appliances match with the family decoration style so as to improve the life taste.