Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Suitcases & Bags Industry in China Commodity City

Comments on 2015/2016 Fashion Trend of Suitcases & Bags Industry in China Commodity City

    Suitcases & bags industry, located in District II, Yiwu International Trade Mart, is one of the larger scale industries with higher export-oriented degree in Yiwu market. This industry deals in various products of top, middle and low grades, over 75% of which are exported. The 2015/2016 fashion trend of suitcases & bags industry in China Commodity City has the following features:

1. Intelligent production equipments are widely applied

    In order to decrease the labor cost, automation equipment production has become the main production pattern for most of the manufacturers. Majority of the enterprises apply equipment such as machine hand, automatic production line and so on. The requirement of intelligent machine becomes obvious day by day. The multi-use equipment which can complete the production of different processes, different types and different materials will dominate the production line.

2. Popular elements and functions emerge endlessly

    Fashion materials such as paillette, scarves, beads, wheat-straw, and other popular elements are widely applied in the bag products design. The mix and match of such popular elements break the bondage of traditional craft and materials and have become popular in the market with the innovation and fashion design. Fashion craft is popular on a large scale. For instance, splicing craft which constantly appears in the major fashion shows has been gradually adopted in the manufacture of suitcases & bags. Splicing the fabric with various materials, shapes and colors makes the products unique. Many functional suitcases & bags appear. Dinner bag, sandy casual bag and waterproof phone bag which are practical and functional are popular in the market. 

3. Turnover benefits from E-business

  The products of the industry are mainly sold to Zhejiang province and surrounding areas in domestic market. Enterprises are gradually expanding the domestic market by the way of e-business. At present, selling through e-business and supplying for e-businessmen are the major ways to explore the domestic market, with a promising future. With the support of comprehensive distribution and network technique in Yiwu market, the products of suitcases & bags industry are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.