President Xi' s Belt and Road Speech in Numbers

President Xi' s Belt and Road Speech in Numbers

President Xijinping’s keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on Sunday provided the world a full and rich picture of the “project of the century” which will benefit people across the world.


Four years on, over 100 countries and international organizations have supported and got involved in this initiative.


China has signed cooperation agreements with over 40 countries and international organizations and carried out framework cooperation on production capacity with more than 30 countries.


China will also launch Belt and Road cooperation initiative on trade connectivity together with some 60 countries and international organizations.


During this forum, China will sign business and trade cooperation agreements with over 30 countries and enter into consultation on free trade agreements with related countries.


Total trade between China and other Belt and Road countries in 2014-2016 has exceeded $3 trillion, and China’s investment in these countries has surpassed $50 billion.


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has provided $1.7 billion of loans for 9 projects in Belt and Road participating countries.

100b yuan

China will scale up financing support for the Belt and Road Initiative by contributing an additional 100 billion yuan to the Silk Road Fund, and we encourage financial institutions to conduct overseas Renminbi fund business with an estimated amount of about 300 billion yuan.

250b yuan

The China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China will set up special lending schemes respectively worth 250 billion yuan equivalent and 130 billion yuan equivalent to support Belt and Road cooperation on infrastructure, industrial capacity and financing.

60b yuan

In the coming three years, China will provide assistance worth 60 billion yuan to developing countries and international organizations participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to launch more projects for people’s well-being.


China will provide emergency food aid worth 2 billion yuan to developing countries along the Belt and Road and make an additional contribution of $1 billion to Assistance Fund for South-South Cooperation.


The Silk Road Fund has made $4 billion of investment, and the 16+1 financial holding company between China and Central and Eastern European countries has been inaugurated.


The goal of building six major economic corridors under the Belt and Road Initiative has been set, and we should endeavor to meet it.


Chinese companies have set up 56 economic cooperation zones in over 20 countries, generating some $1.1 billion of tax revenue and 180,000 jobs for them.


For Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, customs clearance time for agricultural produce exported to China has reduced by 90 percent.


Every year, the Chinese government provides 10,000 government scholarships to the relevant countries.


In the coming five years, we will offer 2,500 short-term research visits to China for young foreign scientists, train 5,000 foreign scientists, engineers and managers, and set up 50 joint laboratories.


China will launch 100 “happy home” projects, 100 poverty alleviation projects and 100 health care and rehabilitation projects in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.