Buyers online pre-registration



Yiwu Fair Held on

Oct.21st-24th 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)
Oct.25th 8:30-14:00 (Public Day)

Get Trade Badge


1.Online Pre-registration
Log in / Sign in:
After verified, you will receive the confirmation letter by E-mail or confirmation number by SMS.

2.Micro Platform for Pre-registration  
Scan QR code of Yiwu Fair on Wechat to finish the pre-registration quickly.

3.Market Pre-registration
Two weeks ahead of the fair, purchasers can take their passports and business cards to apply for the purchasers’ badges for free at the pre-registration site at the International Trade Mart. People can finish their application for the free badges in those ten spots: West Gate of District 1, the West Gate of District 2, Gate 60 of District 3, the South Gate of District 4, the South Gate of District 5, No.6 Gate of Huangyuan Market.

4.Application on-site
Buyers can take the passport and business card to apply for the Buyer’s entry badge for free at Buyers Registration Spot in Yiwu International Expo Center.
Tips: Overseas buyers with Canton Fair trade badge can get a free badge in the Overseas Buyers Registration Spot.