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Yunnan Baiyao Group Limited by Share Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company is a large comprehensive enterprise in Yunnan Province pharmaceutical science and the combination of industry and trade, mainly engaged in medicine (Chinese medicine based) research and development, production management and outsourcing drug wholesale and retail. In 1999, the company is in Yunnan province science and Technology Commission identified as high-tech enterprises in Yunnan province in 2000 was identified as a large-scale enterprise management evaluation units, in 1999 by the national Ministry of Personnel approved the establishment of post doctoral scientific research workstation. In 2001 by the Yunnan provincial quality and Technology Supervision Bureau awarded the "Yunnan province''2000 national quality management advanced enterprise" title, and was listed as Yunnan province technology innovation demonstration enterprises, and by the Yunnan provincial economic and Trade Commission, Department of Finance in 2001 as the Yunnan Province outstanding management standard enterprise by Yunnan Quality Management Association awarded the "2001 annual benefit the quality of Yunnan provincial advanced enterprise" title, and was listed as Yunnan province technology innovation demonstration enterprise. Yunnan Province in 2002 was set to support the development of one of the ten pharmaceutical companies.

Main Products:Plaster


The graceful Bay Exhibition (Shanghai) network technology Limited (the area network) [Other]

[Abstract]The network is the leading cross-border business enterprise integrated services, there's more and more media domain domain data, the domain hit the Internet platform. The sales domain (WWW.KJDS.COM) is focused on cross-border export trading platform more domain distribution network's. Ecological optimization platform to export electricity supplier supply chain with a global perspective, with big data, selection of supply chain collaborative SAAS core technology support distribution deals and overseas sales, to achieve optimal allocation of resources of the supplier and distributors to open platform design, to improve the supply chain services to achieve efficient logistics delivery and the ultimate consumer experience in the background of supply side reform and Internet plus under the promotion of foreign trade factory brand transformation in the new mode, new formats, new platforms, new services, boost cross-border export upgrade iteration. Domain data (WWW.KJDS.COM) is a platform for large data analysis of cross-border export commodities under the cross domain network. To make business more intelligent, make decisions more wisdom -- a platform for big data and cloud computing algorithm technology for the global commodity mass analysis, consumer behavior and consumption habits of overseas consumers portrait, help sellers easily create explosion models and mining ocean goods, power plant optimization pricing strategy and flexible production guidance. The domain of media (WWW.KJDS.COM.CN) is perpendicular to the cross-border electricity supplier industry leading new media and portals, sophisticated in cross-border electricity supplier industry producing high-quality content, more observation, under more and more original domain domain domain domain, with more topics such as columns. Because of focusing and profound, the domain of media to create value for the beginning of the heart with the user, to focus on the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry, continue to be professional, original and practical operation of the content industry to user feedback, relying on leading the industry think tank for development.

Main Products:Electronic Commerce


Linyi Sanhao plastic products factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The main products are: pots, barrels, boxes, the size of the tub, all kinds of plastic products.

Main Products:The main products are: pots, barrels, boxes, the size of the tub, all kinds of plastic products.


Bazhou Jianchapu Haoda Home Furnishing products factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]North reached Home Furnishing supplies factory is cleaning supplies, chenille fabric products such as professional production and processing of the other, our factory is located in the eastern plain of Hebei Province, Hebei Province, is located in Beijing City, Tianjin City, Baoding City, the center of the triangle zone, belongs to Beijing and Tianjin and Bohai City group. North 80 kilometers from the capital city of Beijing, east of the port city of Tianjin 70 kilometers, 65 kilometers west of the ancient city of Baoding. Our factory mainly engaged in chenille fabrics and products, the company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide quality service to customers first" principle to provide our customers.

Main Products:Fabric and products


Zhou Xian Ming [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Changhong commodity packing factory is located in Yiwu international trade city next to the city, convenient transportation, the environment elegant. Mainly engaged in gifts, promotional items and new product development, Home Furnishing, daily product design, manufacturing and sales, in addition to their own product development. Can undertake OEM orders. The development of innovative the idea of creating the perfect products, innovative business models to expand the international market space, unique and innovative products, adhere to the most stringent quality standards, high quality and inexpensive products and integrity management, to build the city field network company. Global convergence, sharing opportunities, willing to work with you hand in hand, create a better tomorrow! Card dealers around! Yiwu Changhong daily necessities packaging factory warmly welcome to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

Main Products:Plastic household products


Bazhou Lin Yu household goods Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Changhong daily necessities packaging factory remain next to the Yiwu International Trade City, convenient transportation, the environment elegant. Mainly engaged in gifts, promotional items and novelty products, household products development, design, manufacturing and sales in one, in addition to developing their own products. Moreover, it can be to undertake a large number of OEM orders. Development of innovative ideas and create a perfect product, innovative business models to expand the international market space, unique creative period of products, adhere to the most stringent quality standards, affordable products and credit management, to build the company's global marketing network. Boutique convergence, opportunities to share, may walk hand in hand with you, create beautiful tomorrow! Card dealers around!

Main Products:Daily household products



[Abstract]he company has the self-management import and export power, mainly produces the power source coupling.The product has more than 10 kinds, several hundred varieties, completely export areas and so on Europe and America, Southeast Asia as well as Africa.The company equipment is advanced, the craft integrity, is equipped with the laboratory, the measuring instrument is complete.At present the enterprise product already obtained certificates and through SS145 and the ISO9001:2000 international quality specification system authentication and so on RoHS、BS、CE、GS、TUV、ITS、EMC.The company has advanced high efficiency manufacturing assembly line 10, the year productivity may reach 20,000,000 PCS, the year sale output value surpasses hundred million Yuan. The enterprise is in the high speed development at present the unified body, in line with “humanist, development innovation, unceasingly enterprising” the spirit, “takes the talented person, fosters the talent” the idea, the strengthening “take the customer as the center, the laws and regulations for the criterion, improves continually, promotes the quality level unceasingly, satisfies customer's request by the remarkable product” the quality policy, lets the enterprise the development is continuing success.

Main Products:Power connector


Yiwu City Zhen Yang Import and Export Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Daily Necessities


Yiwu Wang Hui ceramic firm [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]All size ceramic disc soup plate, flat plate, bowl, cup, dish shaped, tableware, gift sets, a large number of ceramic stock sub

Main Products:The soup plate, flat plate, bowl, cup of coffee


Xianyou County Linan Shengyuan bamboo craft factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Xianyou County Linan Shengyuan bamboo craft factory is a wooden spoon, wooden shovel and other products of professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Xianyou County Linan Shengyuan bamboo craft factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Main Products:Spoon, wooden shovel etc.