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Yiwu Bridge Trade Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu bridge stores trading company established in the world's largest small commodity distributing center, with more than 5000 national manufacturers to establish a strategic alliance with large-scale procurement to ensure the competitiveness of the goods supply, the ex factory price of more than 35000 kinds of Yiwu selling small commodities, varieties covering daily necessities, hardware tools, electronic appliances, plastic products, children's toys, fashion jewelry, cosmetics, stationery, sports goods, gifts and other series. The company's first Yiwu commodity direct supermarket retail formats, in the beginning, people worried that selling cheap way, whether it can guarantee the quality of goods and long-term supply, but the general manager of the company Mr. Zhou Jianqiao's efforts, not only improve the quality of the goods, also make Mr Huolang - Yiwu small commodity direct supermarket brand image of the people. The company currently has a nationwide development operated 50 stores, 112 stores, relying on such a large scale of sales, Mr Huolang can achieve a lot of stock in order to reduce the cost, so in order to "million" order units, and greatly improve the bargaining power of manufacturers, the same goods, Mr Huolang can get to lower the price. More than 80% of the products, Mr Huolang the price is even lower than the wholesale price of Yiwu, because Mr Huolang not prices above plus profit in the factory, but by expanding sales to earn manufacturers rebate, the price advantage is one of the core competitiveness of the company. The company pays attention to the quality of the goods from the beginning, this is the key to Mr Huolang - Yiwu small commodity direct supermarket can grow quickly. Manufacturers across the country every day a large number of products recommended to the company's headquarters, but only a small part of the goods can be on the Yiwu small commodity direct supermarket shelves. We follow the principles of customer satisfaction in the selection of goods, only to sell the goods to customers. The company has 20000 square meters of large distribution warehouses, advanced ERP management system, capable of operating personnel and the fast line of work flow, effectively guarantee the quality of our services, to maximize the pursuit of happy cooperation every time. "Big business Moudao, small profit. Road, road and Lee. For profit, and profit all lose." No matter how the domestic market environment to bigger stage amidst the winds of change, we will not change.

Main Products:Daily Necessities


KOREAMESSE INC. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Ornaments


Yongkang Dexin Stationery Co., Ltd.  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yongkang City Xin Stationery Co., Ltd. (Yongkang Guangtai Hardware Craft Factory) is a company engaged in metal office supplies R & D and production, is one of a certain scale enterprises, specializing in the production of metal pen, paper basket, data frame, basket and other office supplies.

Main Products:Metal pen, paper basket, basket data frame, etc.


Yuyao Maodong Electric Appliance Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yuyao Maodong Electric Appliance Factory,, is a professional production of aluminum tripod easel, P0P display, photography tripod manufacturers. The company's easel, beautiful and durable, high quality. Our products are mainly exported to South Korea, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Product quality, reasonable price, cost-effective, domestic and foreign customers alike. We have always adhered to "honesty, excellent win," the sales approach and "the prestige first, customer first," the purpose of providing services to customers, the factory under the premise of ensuring the quality we have continuous innovation, continuous development new products, according to user requirements mold, production, providing our customers with excellent products and services. Our enterprise spirit is "mutual benefit and friendly cooperation".we warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to come to discuss and develop together

Main Products:Aluminum Alloy tripod easel, P0P display, three photography tripod


Hangzhou MuLinSen advertising design Co., Ltd [trade]

[Abstract]Hangzhou MuLinSen advertising design Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in commercial taste image of the store Zhangui design and production of advertising company, advanced equipment, excellent management and departments to improve (design department, engineering department, customer department). Company's existing staff of about 40 people, production plant area of 1000 square meters, the company is equipped with the engraving machine, printing machine, plastic machine, engraving machine, automobile and other advanced equipment, annual turnover reached 300 million. In just a few years, the company with its own unique design concept, create a simple, direct and efficient visual information, to help customers establish a brand image, expand market share. For this reason also got the trust of customers, in the display design has a place, and get a good reputation. After years of operation, wood forest accumulated many successful cases, and some well-known enterprises to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation, such as: Suning, Yongle Home appliances, LG, Haier, Skyworth and so on. Abundant capital, excellent designers, skilled production and technical personnel, capable young creative team created now wood Linsen: build exhibition booth, construction planning exhibition hall, shopping malls props... Each service has won the unanimous recognition of customers. All of this, have encouraged the development of rawlinson. Our slogan: "choice is the choice of insurance also rawlinson". We have become you to provide the production of excellent, innovative service.

Main Products:Practice copybook


YuYao HuiKai Stationery factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Stationery


Shanghai Golden Stamps International Trade Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Shanghai Golden Stamps International Trade Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive group which covers R&D, production, distribution and service.GOLDENSTAMP'S R&D department cooperated with Dr.Cui in Texas Christian University, has got the core technology of flash stamp foam.And its gains a good reputation both in domestic and international market.

Main Products:Seal materials and equipment


Jinyun Huiyang blackboard Co.,LTD. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]We are set production and sales as one of the modern professional office board manufacturers, is the province of professional manufacturers. We mainly produce the office blackboard, green board, aluminum alloy blackboard, blackboard, green board, children's blackboard, green board, cork board, children's blackboard, blackboard, left and right.

Main Products:Office blackboard, green board, aluminum alloy blackboard, blackboard, green board, children's blackboard, green board, cork board, children's blackboard, children's blackboard, left and right push pull board, etc.


Yixing Wangzhe Laminating Film Co.,Ltd [Production enterprises]


Main Products:main products are binding cover, laser printing film, grind arenaceous film, double-sided coated film, printing film, etc.


shao xing xing guang stationery co.,ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Our company is located in shao xing city which is the main staples producing place, we were founded in 1999. Office staples is our main products, at the same time, we also produce some types industrial nails and garden staples. Our factory have 5000 sq.m.

Main Products:Staple