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Youngor Group Co,.Ltd.  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Since its foundation in 1979, the Youngor Group has evolved into a multinational corporation with more than 46,000 employees. It has diversified into industries such as brand apparel, real estate development and financial investment. It is now publicly quoted on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as Youngor Co., Ltd. In 2015, the Group reached revenue of RMB 62.4 billion, a gross profit of RMB5.7billion, and paid RMB 2.8 billion in taxes. And it gets No. 215 among the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2015. Over recent years, Youngor has transformed from a manufacturer into a brand creator by independently creating the five-brand phalanx, enriching the costume culture connotations. • YOUNGOR, the leading brand, highlights functionality; • MAYOR the high-end brand, projects low-profile luxury with tailored clothes made in China; • The GY brand projects a fashionable style concept for young people; • The HANP brand projects a simple, elegant, healthy, and environmentally-friendly style; • The Hart Schaffner Marx presents the American leisure style. At present, Younger has more than 3000 department stores and retail stores in domestic China. Shirt, the primary product, was the first State Inspection Exemption Product in national shirt industry. The Group had enjoyed the biggest share of China’s shirt market for 21 consecutive years, and that of the suit market for 16 consecutive years.

Main Products: brand apparel


YIWU CITY HUALING ZIPPER CO. LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]About us: YIWU CITY HUALING ZIPPER CO., LTD was established by Mr Hanling Hong in 1994. We are specialized in zipper business for 25 years and providing updated and improved zipper products for our customers. Our company is the President company of Yiwu Zipper Association and the vice director of China National Zipper Association. Our general manager is the chairman of Yiwu Zipper Association and is a member of China National Zipper Association of Experts. Our factory is located in the worldwide famous city of small commodities—Yiwu, Zhejiang province, which has a remarkable position, a developed logistics, a centralized information centre, to provide an effective way at realizing high quality and convenient service. Motivator and standard setter of zipper association We insist in the development of zipper business only all the time. We strictly follow the ISO9001: 2008 quality system requirements, insist to continuous improvement, innovation and strive for perfection. Products have passed Oeko-tex 100 awarded by international environmental textile Association. The brand”TONGSHUN” has been titled as Zhejiang Well-known Trademark and Zhejiang Famous Products and one of the twelve famous brand zipper in China. The company has been named the top fifty industrial companies in China and become the only one enterprise of “Annual Quality Award” by Yiwu Government in 2014. With the advantages of the industry’s leading, the company actively participate in the zipper industry standards of china lght industry. And develop the standard of Yiwu zipper industry which is higher than the national standard. And the standard of Yiwu die casting slider industry. Professional supplier of zipper with complete products and facilities Our company started from the metal zipper products. After more than 20 years of development, we have successfully established a complete range of zipper products, including finished zippers, zipper long chains and sliders with metal nylon and plastic material, which make us to provide a comprehensive service for our customers. Our company has more than 2000sets of international advanced automatic equipments, integrates the advantages of regional industry, to serve our customers at a fast and high quality way. Customer-oriented, and make effort on customer value creation “To think more for you” is our company’s service concept. We promise to provide our customers with continuous improvement in services with higher quality, quicker lead time and more choices, to build a powerful brand. Not only to satisfy our customers’ own demand, but also to provide more choices for you with our specialized ability and innovation. Let’s grow together!



Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. incorporated in 1962, is a key high-tech enterprise at national level, specialized in R&D, production and sales of various functional sugars and polyols derived from corncobs and starch. The company has been listed in top 10 in the food ingredient industry and top 20 in the starch and sugar industry in China. As a leading enterprise in the food industry in China, it has acted as a drafting unit of more than ten national standards and industrial standards, such as those of Xylitol, Maltitol, Isomalt, etc. Moreover, it has taken the lead in implementing and passing ISO9001, ISO14001, GMP, FSSC22000 and other system certifications in the industry. the products of which have reached advanced world standard while extensive marketing network covers whole china and main countries and regions in the world.Company product:Xylitol、High Fructose Syrup、Maltitol、Sorbitol、D-xylose、L-Arabinose、Isomalt.

Main Products:Xylitol 、High Fructose Syrup, Sugar Free ShaQima


Zhejiang Marssenger Kitchenware Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Up to today, Zhejiang Marssenger Kitchenware Co., Ltd. has been founded for 6 years. The annual growth rate of sales amount reaches 113%, and the Company is an enterprise with the fastest growth rate in the industry. In addition, the Company relies on the strong research, development and technical force, innovates the traditional fume extraction technology, and has researched and developed the revolutionary “Marssenger Integrated Cooker” whose “fume extraction rate in kitchen can reach 99.95%”. The Company is the drafter of integrated cooker industry standard in China; As a manufacturing enterprise that makes great investment for research and development cost, up to May 2016, Marssenger Company has owned 64 national patents (including 3 patents for invention, 15 patents of utility model and 43 appearance patents), and takes a leading position in the industry. As an enterprise leading the design fashion in the industry, Marssenger Company has won several world top awards in the world industrial design field.

Main Products:integrated kitchen;Integrated water tank;Integrated cabinet


Zhejiang Tugong Instrument Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]With 35 years’ history, covers an area of 26,680m2, Zhejiang Tugong Instrument Co., Ltd. is a computerized, digital, intelligent civil engineering instrument manufacturer. 14 modern standard workshops are equipped with lathe, planer, miller, grinder, borer, etc. Be honored with “Key National New and High - Tech Enterprises”, “AAA Credit Enterprise”, “AAA Standing Enterprise”, “The Quality Award of Government”, we have been identified as the “Provincial New and High-Tech R & D Center” of civil engineering equipment. Certified by France BV and Germany TUV, we won ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environment management system certification, and European Union CE certification. We won “Provincial patent Demonstration Enterprise” with 114 “Production License” and 91 “National Patent Certificate”, rank on the top of the “Production License” and “National Patent Certificate” in our industry. The compression testing machine and universal testing machine have been authorized as “Zhejiang Brand-name Product”, consolidation testing apparatus, direct shear apparatus, and triaxial apparatus have been authorized as “Shaoxing Brand-name Product”. Exported to more than 100 countries and regions, we are the largest manufacturer for civil engineering instrument, highway instrument, construction materials instrument in China currently. Exported the most amount in this industry, we won the “Top Export Brand”. “YF” brand have been registered in more than 40 countries and regions, been honored with “Zhejiang Famous Brand”.

Main Products:We are the most complete range of testing equipment's manufacturer on civil engineering, highway, building material area, our equipment won favorable reputation by all over world user.


HANGZHOU ROBAM APPLIANCES CO.,LTD. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]HANGZHOU ROBAM APPLIANCES CO.,LTD.(Stock code: 002508,Short term: robam)Was established in 1979, and specialized in kitchen appliances including range hood, cookware, disinfection cabinet,electric oven, steam oven, microwave oven, dish washer, water purifier, etc.. In 37 years, Robam has become one of the oldest companies in China within the industry. It owns the highest market share in Chinese home appiliances field, with the largest scale of production, the most complete product catagory, as well as the most widely sales territory. Robam is also marked as the first high-end kitchen appliances enterprise in China. Under the guidance of Vise Spirit, hard work and plain living has became Robam's entrepreneurial philosophy. Following with the guiding principle "innovation, responsibility and practice", along with the mission "Changing the Cooking Environment", Robam is aiming to realize its ideal concept, which is to "Become a Socially Respectful Enterprise" by its practical action. With the leading technology and the outstanding product quality, Robam has become the sales leader, industrial standard creator, social responsibility pioneer, as well as the market leader in the Chinese home kitchen appliances market.

Main Products:HANGZHOU ROBAM APPLIANCES CO.,LTD.(Stock code: 002508,Short term: robam)Was established in 1979, and specialized in kitchen appliances including range hood, cookware, disinfection cabinet,electric oven, steam oven, microwave oven, dish washer, water purifier, etc..


TANCY INSTRUMENT GROUP CO.,LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Established in 1995, Tancy Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in gas metering industry in China providing flow instruments and gas application system solutions. As the key high-tech enterprise of “China Torch Program”, Tancy undertakes projects for national 863 program. It has been recognized as national safety quality standardization class-B enterprise and awarded National May 1 Labor Certificate.

Main Products:gas metering instrument, liquid meter, gas pressure regulating equipment, natural gas pipeline network energy measurement and management system architecture


Zhejiang Aegis Biotech Co.,Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Aegis Biotech Co.,Ltd is a collection of lysozyme research and development, production and sales, services in one of the high-tech enterprises. At present, the company is China's largest microbial fermentation of lysozyme production and export enterprises, is the only country to obtain the national development and Reform Commission approved the project of lysozyme project. Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "letter of the branch and the company standing," cultural ideas, establish a partnership with international and domestic first-class university. Company "Aegis new technology research center" under the current set of 3 laboratories, specializing in the research and development of biological lysozyme technology. The company has completed the national, provincial and municipal, district research projects 10 projects, by scientific and technological achievements of science and Technology Department of the registration of 2; in 2006 the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund project; project demonstration in 2010 won the national development and Reform Commission high tech industry; in 2012 as the national food additives formulated units; in 2012 to develop national industry lysozyme unit standard; 2013 selected the Organization Department of the "National People plan". Microbial lysozyme is an innovative product milepost type breakthrough, its application in animal husbandry can greatly reduce the use of antibiotics, to avoid the problem of bacterial resistance, and can help the export enterprises to break the green barrier and create great social benefits and economic benefits. !

Main Products:lysozyme



[Abstract]Feida was established in1969.With the great help of the United Nations Development Programme and the strong support of National Government,Feida has emerged as apioneer enterprise in the National Air Pollution Control Equipment industry and the only Major National Technology and Equipment Localization Base in National Environmental Protection Manufacturing industry.Qur head office is located at Zhuji City,Zhejiang province.The city is the hometown of Ms.Xi Shi who is one of the four beauties most femous in Chinese Histry.Feida has the State-level Enterprise Technical Centers and industrial design center,Nationalpost-doctoral Reserach Station,National Engineering Laboratory Dedust Sub for Coal Fired Pollution Control,Provincial Environmental Protection Equipment Research institute and relevant 9 Subdivisions of Research institute.We are the science and technology enterprise with intergrative servise including research &Development,Manufacturing,installation Commissioning and After Sales Service.Currently in China,Feida is the only enterprise that can be capable of undertaking the enviromental protection equipment system supply of Electrostatic Procipitator,Flue Gas Desulphurization and Denitrification Equipment,and Pneumatic Ash Conveying System for a large scale coal fired power station.We are able to provide the whole set of Purification Equioment for Garbage and Solid Waste incineration Flue Gas.Feida is qualified to sign general protect contract and complete turnkey projects.

Main Products:Dry electrostatic Precipitationor\Wet ESP\Flue Gas Desulphurization\DeNox System\Pneumatic Conveying System\Municipal Solid Waste Processing System\Electrical comtrol system


Zhejiang Meida Industrial Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Meida Industrial Co.,ltd is the pathfinder and leader of integrated ranges .  Founded in 2001 ,  has been a public listed company at  Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( Stock code :002677) .  Zhejiang Meida developed an industry by the invention of a product , is high tech enterprise ,  products have been included in the national torch program . Meida builds up a strong sales and service network , owns 1000 plus initial dealers ,3000 plus after sale service branches . 

Main Products:Meida Integrated Hoods , Meida Water Purifiers, Meida Integrated Sink,