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Yuyao Lubu Fukai Plumbing decoration factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Stainless steel shower hose; stainless steel bellows; PVC pipes; deodorizing sewer; hydraulic pipe tightly; metal braided tube; copper chrome shower pipe; metal color shower pipe; zinc nut; various plumbing fittings

Main Products:Sanitary ware


Yongkang Qinghua adhesive factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yongkang Qinghua adhesive factory in Yongkang, anti-theft door foam polyurethane foam, foam filler, rubber products such as professional production and processing of the individual business, the company is headquartered in Yongkang, Yongkang Qinghua adhesive factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. Yongkang Qinghua adhesive factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to visit Yongkang City Qinghua adhesive factory visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Main Products:Styrofoam



[Abstract]Yuanyanglong sanitary wares is specializes manufacturer,such as single lever mixer,double handle mixer,bibcock ,angle valve and faucet accessory so on.But also welcome your incoming drawings for custom tailor-making.

Main Products:Hand wheel tap


Foshan Aolide Packing Machine CO.,LTD [Other]

[Abstract]Foshan Aolide packing machinery co., LTD is a professional manufacture of packaging machinery factory, set design, manufacture, marketing as one service, strong technical force, the market for sale volume. Our main products include pillow packing machine, food packing machine, candy packaging machine, biscuit packaging machine, moon cake packaging machine, tissue packing machine, card packaging machines, industrial parts packing machine, bread packaging machine, carton packaging machines, automatic packing machine, vertical packing machine, wrapping machine laid down, reciprocating packaging machines, bearings packing machine, multifunctional packaging machine, wet tissue packing machine packaging machinery. After years of innovation and development, relying on advanced technology to constantly explore, research and application, focusing on talent advantage and rapid rise in food packaging machinery industry in the same industry in the short-term interests regardless of the time, put more energy and wisdom into the world of mainstream food machinery development, making China's food processing industry to keep pace with the world. So far has developed into dozens of varieties of packaging machine products, widely used in food, medicine, toys, hardware accessories and other products packaging, it has advanced design, fine workmanship, performance stable, easy to operate. Australia Synaptic counterparts fierce competition in the market sweeping into growing sales range covering the whole country and sold overseas, to obtain a high quality and reputation evaluation! Service areas: Where to buy our products, we send professional and technical personnel to your installation, commissioning and operator training, to your company's skilled workers able to skillfully operate. My products from your date of purchase, the warranty period of one year, during the warranty period, the company sent free professional and technical personnel timely home maintenance, all costs borne by the company. Implementation of lifelong service system with the cases. Our advanced technical expertise and excellent after-sales service for customers to solve all the worries, once we promise. Free Automotive machine to demand-side units, free installation, free for operator training, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance. Accessories such as one year after the damage caused by improper use, only the fees collected. Long can only rely on manual packaging, low efficiency, high cost, Foshan City, Australia Synaptic Package Machinery Co., Ltd. has solved this problem on the packaging and a successful trial, for many large chocolate Installation and reconstruction manufacturer packaging machines, if you are willing to improve production efficiency and product quality, welcome you to consult us.

Main Products:Packaging products


Haining Yanguan Qianfeng Hardware Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Haining Yanguan Qian Feng Hardware Factory is a manufactory of furniture hardware,specializes in making corner brace,bolt,bed hinge and so on Our company insist "quality first , customer supreme" and welcome the domestic and foreign customers to cooperate and share our success.

Main Products:Haining Yanguan Qian Feng Hardware Factory is a manufactory of furniture hardware,specializes in making corner brace,bolt,bed hinge and so on Our company insist


Shanghai wave Trading Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:-


Wang Qing [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Specializing in the production of various types of high and low single tube telescope, binoculars, astronomical telescopes, laser range finder, all kinds of high profile

Main Products:Telescope


Yiwu Meitan Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]KIM DY beauty education group course is a number of years of research and a lot of clinical technology and theoretical basis, to teach the latest techniques. Our training adopts the small class teaching model. IBEA designated by the two countries, the two lecturers to teach a theoretical course! Express accurate, thorough communication. Taught by a semi permanent founder Professor Kim personally taught them many years of clinical experience; Yuan Dean guidance of technology and specific skills of practical operation, taught every student. KIM DY beauty education group points to more health, safety training, almost no discoloration, reduce damage to the skin TenterTouch techniques to do natural eyebrows. Also carried out for each person's color to the deployment of training. The latest semi permanent make-up of the market is growing, not only in the country, but also in foreign countries by a lot of welcome. For a stable future, join us. More jobs, more support.

Main Products:Makeup


Ningbo Baorui Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Based company in the upstream company performance of international advanced special optoelectronic chip, the development and utilization of various professional UV popular and cutting-edge innovation application, the market relates to household appliances, medical equipment, scientific research on blind detection, navigation and other fields, the future is far greater.

Main Products:Lighting products


Deqing Shinwoo easy Auto Parts Co. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Auto parts

Main Products:Auto parts