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Hangzhou Excelsior & Sharp Garden Tools Co., Ltd.  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Hangzhou Excelsior & Sharp Garden Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of garden tools and accessories. Our products mainly include guide bars and sprockets for saws, rims, saw chains, saw chain grinders, special bars, wrenches and trestles. At present, our annual output of bars reaches three million pieces. We have strong ability in developing new products. Meanwhile, we have independent export rights and have attained ISO9001:2000 certification. Our company is located in Sanjiangkou of Xiaoshan in Hangzhou City, enjoying convenient transportation. It is just 20km from Xiaoshan International Airport in the east and close to the West Lake in the north. Insisting on the tenet of "Innovating Continuously, Improving Consistently, Pursuing Perfection and Excellence", we promise to provide our customers with high quality products and satisfying services. We welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us!

Main Products:guide bars and sprockets for saws, rims, saw chains, saw chain grinders, special bars, wrenches and trestles


Zhuji Fu Chen Machinery Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company is specialized in the production of pneumatic fittings, plumbing fittings, electrical accessories, but also by the kind of click Custom copper fittings

Main Products:Pneumatic fittings, plumbing fittings, electrical accessories


Zhejiang East Industrial Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company was founded in 1982, is a professional production of aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers. Can be based on customer requirements for die casting precision machining. The main products are auto parts, motorcycle engine box, cutting machine and other accessories, varieties and specifications of automobile transfer case cover, connected box, valve chamber cover assembly, oil bottom shell, QR512E shell, GY6-125, heroic 50 series. Which auto parts and many well-known enterprises at home and abroad fixed-point matching. The company covers an area of more than 50 thousand square meters, fixed assets about 80000000 yuan, with professional and technical personnel more than and 20 people, including 1250T, 800T, 700T, 500T, 400T, 250T, 160T and other die-casting equipment, also has inspection equipments and physical and chemical laboratory, pressure testing and other advanced impregnation equipment. Company has strong technical strength, strong production capacity. The company also established the ISO9000 quality assurance system model, only the advanced management method to produce high quality products. The company has always pursued "quality of survival, to efficiency and development" purposes, to create a "durable and cheap" brand, by the trust of our customers, over the years the company was named "the contract and trustworthy units' ',' ',' ',' '100 city', 'City level enterprise the winner of the honorary title of' tax.

Main Products:Glass glue gun



[Abstract]Guangdong State Protection Technology Co., Ltd. created in 2010, with Guangdong Province labor protection articles and related industry standards for accreditation of specialized production manufacture and sale of businesses. Has been, door Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangdong three nations to act as excellent occupational safety protection expert "as the goal, to create a safe and convenient health protection products as their responsibility and sincerity oriented, quality made root, to survive, in the market exploration and research in practice exploration. Currently mainly produces: respirator, dust masks, fold mask, active carbon mask, rubber masks, ear plugs and other, after years of development, we make the production and operation of the factory already have large-scale, advanced, with systems research and development capabilities and complete testing, to ensure the quality of products, products widely used in civil, industrial, covers the metal processing industry, ceramic industry, petroleum and natural gas industry, construction industry, mining industry and so on, the product throughout the country, some products are exported. Number of years of harships journey, time to witness the experience and growth, the company has been adhering to the health, safety and comfortable design style, dedicated to develop professional focus, dedicated service philosophy, to the quality of products, excellent nuanced delicate -- pay attention to life, and health care.

Main Products:Labor protection supplies


Anping Hongdaxin Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Anping Hongdaxin Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999, in 2005 through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system. Is a wire mesh production and research and development as one of the specialized companies, the leading product for the "Li Xiang" brand 2 -500 mesh / inch stainless steel wire, 40#-1250# wire mesh, 8 mesh -200 mesh / inch copper mesh, 2 mesh -60 mesh / inch galvanized mesh, 10 mesh -60 mesh / inch black wire cloth, widely used in industry, agriculture, petroleum chemical industry, machinery and electronics, transportation, science and technology and other industries, products are mainly exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places, favored by customers. The company has the most advanced production equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology, quality inspection equipment, precision, and has a high-quality management team. A reliable guarantee for the quality of the product. My company in the credibility of the principle of quality and development of the foundation, the courage to innovate, with high quality service to meet new and old customers at home and abroad patrons.

Main Products:Stainless steel wire mesh


Taizhou City, Luqiao Xiao Fu Zhu sanitary ware factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Taizhou City, Luqiao Xiao Fu zhu sanitary ware factory is a professional production of plumbing fittings of the bell high profile water, drain, and other parts of the enterprise. The company is located in the economically developed Taizhou city Luqiao District South Industrial zone. There are copper red, turning sand, zinc alloy, stainless steel, stainless steel, iron and other materials. Products include water basin, basin water glass, all kinds of floor drain, sewer pipe, P bending, S bending, urinal water, water and other products of the manufacturers. Luqiao, Taizhou City, the main plumbing sanitary ware factory has many years of plumbing equipment production experience. Now has a number of high precision CNC lathes, complex machines, hydraulic machines, instrument lathes and other equipment, according to customer requirements to develop a variety of products. Registered trademarks of "small Fu pig" and other brands to focus on the production of water for many years. Chengzhao dealers, agents and seek common development. Have a small blessing pig, a good life and happiness! Welcome to join the happy little pig warm entrepreneurial team.

Main Products:Sewer, drain


Minghui farm implements [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The main farm implements

Main Products:Farm implements


Yiwu Efly Tableware  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]We are an expert team designing and manufacturing metal serving tray and fruit stand.With strong expertise, we focus on the outstanding quality. Besides, we can offer you competitive prices with that quality.We believe that our strength is customers' advantage.

Main Products:Specialized in Metal Serving Tray


Ningbo Tianchi Shijia Tools Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Ningbo Tian Chi family hardware tools Co., Ltd. is the main production of day Chi brand screwdriver and motorcycle, car in the high-end tools of professional manufacturers. Our main products are: screwdriver, screwdriver sleeve, t socket wrench, L type milling socket wrench, Y type spanner wrench chain belt wrench, screwdriver, shock group, magnetic valve, motor puller, catheter assembly and disassembly tool chain dismantling tool, bearing disassembly tool and engine special tool. The company with more than and 10 years of production experience, has a long history, strong technical force, advanced technology, strict management. With a high reputation, excellent products by users around the world today. Its own brand "day Chi" renowned at home and abroad.

Main Products:Bolt driver


Yuyao Lubu Xindong sanitary ware factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:sanitary ware