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Jinshui District, Zhengzhou District, District, Tak Yi arts and crafts shop [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company is a company engaged in the country and the field of jade Monopoly chain enterprises.

Main Products:Jade crafts


Shanghai Bangweisi Cosmetic Technology Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]A new type of Hair Coloring products from Shanghai Bangweisi cosmetics technology Co., the company developed the "Bangweisi" brand double integral Hair Coloring comb, is out of the science and Technology Park, the influx of thousands of households. Bangweisi (Hongkong) International Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai's Bangweisi cosmetics technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of creative Hair Coloring and hair care products. This product is made in the United States, Japan, work; professional experts, engineering and technical personnel of fine chemical industry to jointly develop, development, relying on the corporation's financial strength, R & D, for the Asian hair quality, it has won the "People's Republic of China Health Ministry special cosmetics approval number" (see Figure 1). Become a national recognized products, and won the national patent. The company's advanced management mechanism plays a good role in the market and protect the interests of dealers, the company's brand strategy, in the premise of ensuring product quality, and strive to create Bangweisi products are safe, convenient, affordable brand image. Designed to shape the cone wire products into the international first-class products. It is in line with the characteristics of the Asian population of hair, Japan's "beauty source" brand hair dye formula and raw materials and to be improved. After dyeing, the color is more natural, and the light transmittance is stronger. Hair after dyeing soft, elastic, shiny.

Main Products:hair dye products


Shanghai YunQi Jewelry Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Engaged in jewelry processing and sales of a diversified company

Main Products:Jewelry


KOREAMESSE INC. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Ornaments


Hongkong Crystal Love Jewelry Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Hongkong Crystal Love (International) Co., Ltd. is a company committed to the spread of crystal culture, respected healthy life, the transfer of romantic love brand crystal chain. Ancient crystal gem has always been popular, since the crystal love, has its perfect beauty quality, fashionable and unique design, exquisite workmanship and high quality and perfect customer service service, based on the classic, creative, showing the brand characteristics of extraordinary, much consumers trust and love. Hongkong shuijingzhilian (International) Limited has a strong team of designers, every product is the extraction of inspiration from nature, the crystal and life nature, for the love of the crystal shows you endless style. In the crystal love you can not only feel the strong crystal culture, but also enjoy the romantic style of the crystal, a crystal love shop from the decoration style, goods display, lighting atmosphere, background music, equipment matching and personnel service etc. are showing elegant art elements of life, you can share the appreciation of crystal experience with professional crystal appraiser, mystery of crystal culture. At present, shuijingzhilian headquarters in Hongkong under the strong support, through the construction of the new building chain management model, first-class service and sales management personnel, the crystal love is by way of franchising rapid expansion throughout the country. We use the natural crystal, fashion design, romantic culture, will convey the crystal love culture to every love crystal culture, the taste of life in the pursuit of healthy people, and strive to become an international fashion crystal love natural crystal chain brand.

Main Products:Ornaments


Qingdao Shideai Trade Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Ornaments


Yiwu City Heng Yun jewelry firm [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Renyun jewelry factory in the world's largest small commodity wholesale market in Zhejiang city of Yiwu province. The factory specializing in the production, sales of high-grade rubber cloth series, crystal series, Korean and other fashion accessories (head hair). Its "love and joy", "Xinyue" two brands, leisurely fashion, exquisite beauty, also does not lose the simple and practical, inexpensive. Companies adhering to the "continuous innovation, forge ahead, to create a boutique" business philosophy, and constantly provide customers with quality fashion head (hair) decorated boutique. Welcome to visit!

Main Products:Wig


Jin Huan Yue [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yes. A caterpillar originated in the strontium beautiful legend of Holland brand This beautiful legend from Holland 400 years ago in colonial Indonesia, we believe that a person has received the Buddha as a gift, get a blessing of the artifact, and she brought him good luck, under by the mysterious legend of the colonial influence, this beautiful legend known to every family in Holland. The Buddhist philosophy is simple and natural to get public Western worship, inspired een Wens in the legend of the design of the first generation of fashion jewelry and gifts design combination bag hanging ornaments: Lucky Buddha blessing series, not only fashion and leisure, Handmade, to the simple and natural realm. Bold design designers, unique combination of Chinese and Western ideas, to give each piece of jewelry soul, each piece of jewelry is a blessing! Make Wens een products popular in Europe and America, fashion jewelry and other gifts to each other! The first generation of the success of the products bring us greater power, well team continue to introduce a variety of styles of Weng strontium and Gemstone Bracelet series, gem lucky angel blessing lucky gem series series, Sachet, sincere blessing gem series, and so on... More years of all kinds of precious stones, the mineral name was studied to collect different stones all over the world, mixing our exclusive design, launched a new series of fashion jewelry (gifts), make our products more suitable for men and women, old and young all over the world. As everyone knows precious minerals in the benefits to human health, the requirements of our customers, we will een Wens all jewelry (gift) gem to name the identity of the gem of life, plus a greeting card or instructions according to the different countries of the text required to provide een certificate and wish Fuqua, Wens products more perfect. Unique, popular, more popular.

Main Products:Key buckle


Wangyouming (Li Fengming) [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Jewelry, glue

Main Products:Jewelry, glue


Guangzhou Expo [Other]

[Abstract]Guangzhou Expo (VirtualExpo,Exhibition,Trade Fair) is the Guangzhou municipal government organized by the China foreign trade and economic cooperation of the large fair, has been successfully held twelve sessions, economic and trade cooperation has achieved remarkable results. The 2004 Guangzhou Expo exhibition area of 80 thousand square meters, nearly 4000 booths at home and abroad, and trade cooperation reached a total amount of 153 billion 790 million yuan, signed various economic and technical cooperation projects 1006, the scale and efficiency for most of history, has aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. Build economic and trade platform, strengthen economic and trade exchanges with the domestic and foreign, expand the space for economic development, is our common needs. 2005 Guangzhou Expo will be held on September 2, 2005 -5 in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the scale of 60 thousand square meters. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign governments, enterprises, and business people from all walks of life in Guangzhou Expo participants, display skills to the full on this platform, to create a better future!

Main Products:Jewelry and accessories