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Suzhou Lizhuo Home Furnishing Products Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Suzhou Zhuo home supplies Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing, sales, service as one of the drying racks production enterprises, the company to first-class products, first-class quality won the majority of customers! With excellent service, a satisfactory price to win the favor of the majority of customers!" Continue to go beyond, never stop "is our aim. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the shape and color of the products are both indispensable in the modern design. More and more styles of clothes hanger, clothes hanger, more and more beautiful, now is not only a kind of drying tool, more evolved into an ornament, become a scenery line of the balcony. From this we borrow "form" and "color" reasonable collocation, give you a kind of comfortable feeling of visual and touch, let your busy life into a harmonious and fresh.

Main Products:Coat hanger


Xiongxian liya Packing Material Co.,Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Our company is a research and development, production, processing, sales as one of the integrated plastic packaging enterprises, with more than 20 years of experience, now covers an area of 70000 square meters, with all kinds of advanced production equipment more than 150 units, with an annual output of 40000 tons of plastic products. The main products of our company are CPP film, three layer coextrusion PE film, courier bags, and even roll bags, shopping bags, food packaging bags, garbage bags, wrap film, film preservation. Mainly used in food packaging, warehousing and logistics, courier packaging, electronic packaging and other industries.

Main Products:CPP film, three layer coextrusion PE film, courier bags, rolling bag, shopping bags, food packaging bags, garbage bags, wrap film, film preservation.


Yangzhong City Heng Hai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yangzhong City Heng Hai Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai R & D center is Yangzhong City Heng Hai Electronic Co., Ltd. in Shanghai area of medical equipment development center. Shanghai R & D center, the company is committed to the development of medical equipment. Jointly promote the development of the project, and jointly improve the organizational structure of the company.

Main Products:Daily Necessities


Yiwu city Xiuruo import and Export Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:-


Bazhou Jin Tao disinfection cotton swab Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Cotton swab


Bazhou jyair cotton Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Cotton swab


Xiamen Longwei glass products Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Our music brand from New Zealand, a country full of green environmental protection idea of health. Our music brand belongs to Fujian Longwei Group Holding Company Limited Hongkong lydia. 2015 the company carries its own patented technology products: Explosion proof glass bottles in Xiamen, China opened a grand opening of domestic sales. At the same time in Fujian Zhangzhou investment established R & D center higher standard of professional glass bottles and cups and production factory. "Our music" product concept: uphold the green development concept of health, safety and environmental protection; "Our music" principle of cooperation: the spirit of cooperation and win-win principle = = trust; "Hi joy" service tenet: Science and technology innovation, anti fall, intimate service; "Hi joy" just let all baby safe use bottles, cups! "Our music" brand fall proof explosion-proof glass bottle, bring you not only the product but also is the ultimate quality and service, we must make the market trend of the guide, let you and I cooperation, to join hands in creating a brilliant future.

Main Products:Feeding bottle


Bazhou Mu Kun home Appliances Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Bazhou City, Mu Kun home supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sale of household goods, cleaning supplies modern enterprise. Our factory is located in the Beijing Tianjin triangle area, the geographical position is superior, the city of Beijing Kowloon Railway, Tianjin Expressway, 106 National Highway, 112 national highway crossing, the traffic is very smooth, the factory has plastic injection molding machines, and has the ability of independent research and development, production of products put into the market, fashionable praised by the vast number of consumers. I plant development and production of a "leader" brand multi-functional series of household cleaning products, exported to foreign countries. Packaging novel fashion, beautiful and practical, save time and effort. Not only good water absorption, strong decontamination, and do not hurt containers, non stick oil, no mildew, no odor, durable, is an indispensable modern household cleaning supplies. Now is the main production of various kinds of mop mop, rotary mop, wringing mop mop, mop mop, flat products. Widely used in hotels, hotels, home, shopping malls and other occasions. I plant the quality policy: quality first, the user is supreme. Strict implementation of national standards, from production to sales at the same time, to do a good job tracking service, to absorb suggestions to improve the work. Strict quality management system, pragmatic style of work, for the enterprise to win a good reputation. Buy mop mop, rotary mop, wringing mop mop, mop, dragging and other products go to a professional plastic processing factory - Bazhou City Mu Kun Home Furnishing Products Co. Ltd., factory direct supply, price concessions, welcome to order!

Main Products:mop


Bazhou Jianchapu Tianba plastic products factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Bazhou Jianchapu Tianba plastic products factory is a national related departments approved by the registered enterprise. Bazhou Jianchapu Tianba plastic products factory with good credit, excellent service and a number of enterprises to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Bazhou Jianchapu Tianba plastic products factory warmly welcome friends come to visit, investigate and negotiate business. Main products: clothes cleaner; plow mop;

Main Products:mop


Guan County Baijie daily cotton swab factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Cotton swab