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ZHEJIANG SANDING WEAVINA CO.,LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]  Zhejiang Sanding weaving Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise of ribbon producing which belong to zhejiang sanding holding group, With 3 branch factory, new product developing and designing center, professional sale company, etc. the headquarters is located at Yiwu Economic Development Zone; Yiwu is famous by the largest small commodity city in the world.    The first branch factory--Yiwu huanqiu belt making factory was established in 1994,invested 3000 thousand RMB, we imported 200 advanced high speed no-shuttle weaving machine from Switzerland & Taiwan. In 1998,zhejiang sanding weaving Co.,Ltd was established, at the end of 2002,our capital asserts is more than 380 million RMB, and with 2000 employees, 3000 kinds of weaving machines, 40 dyeing lines. Developing the new product with the most advanced ZIS & CAD system at domestic, the equipment of check & measure are also the first class in the world. We passed ISO9001:2000, the brand"sanding"gained the honour :"the famous brand in zhejiang province".    Now, our product including satin ribbon, metallic ribbon, decorative ribbon, Christmas ribbon, more than 10 series, 2000 varieties. In order to meet the demand of the market, In 2002,we invest 600 million RMB, purchasing 200 thousand SQ meters, imported 5000 kinds of weaving machines, engaged 2000 new employees. Established the third branch factory--zhejiang huanding belt making Co., Ltd. building the largest base of extra belt producing in the world. The first period of this item was begun to produce at Oct.2003.    Zhejiang Sanding weaving Co.,Ltd all along insists on the tenet:"developing by the advanced technology, trying for survivorship by the first class quality. We design hundreds new product every year. The product are sold well at home and abroad, the satin ribbon, metallic ribbon, decorative ribbon, christmas ribbon are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, etc. our company has been the largest ribbon producing enterprise in the Asia.    The aim:Building the largest ribbon-producing base. Producing the best quality ribbon in the world. Been one of the "100 excellent enterprises" in the china.    Warmly welcome the client & supplier from home and abroad cooperate with us.

Main Products:Ribbans


Liuyang Qingcaoqingshan Fireworks Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Liuyang Qingcaoqingshan Fireworks Factory is located in the hometown of the International Fireworks-Liuyang city,Hunan Province,China.We are a manufacturer and an exporter of fireworks enterprise.Our factory specializes in the cold fireworks, such as:smelless & smokeless cold fountain,smelless & smokeless cakes fountain candle,cakes,rockets,roman candles,,match crackers,party poppers,toy fireworks,novelties,firing systems,etc.Our products are widely exported to Asian,Europe,USA,Middle East,and South American,and other countries.

Main Products:Cake fireworks, stage fountain cold fireworks products


Foshan City licensing Ceramics Co. Ltd  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Foshan City licensing Ceramics Co. Ltd (Foshan Kent Ceramics, abbreviation: KENT) is a company dedicated to the top international architectural ceramics business company. Headquartered in Guangdong Chinese pottery -- Foshan. The company's main building ceramics, floor tiles. It has become one of the most powerful Chinese ceramic industry export enterprises, and continue to achieve new breakthroughs in the same industry, among the world's top competition in an invincible position.

Main Products:Building ceramics, floor tiles


Shaoxing Qin Capital Trading Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Shaoxing jielong glassware CO.,LTD. is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise approved by Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and totally invested by WEGA with a total investment of USD 24.5 million and a registered capital of USD 17.7 million. It is situated at Xingbin Road (Beiwuzhi Road), Binhai Industrial Zone, Shaoxing County, a Zhejiang provincial development zone with a total area of 100,000 m2 and construction area of 100,000 m2. It was registered in Mar. 2007, ground breaking in July and put into operation in May 2008. Until Jun. 2011, the total asset amounted to be RMB 520 million. Situated in northern ancient city Shaoxing, the southern bank of Qiantangjiang, it is about 220 km away from Shanghai, 120km away from Ningbo, 20 km away from Xiaoshan International Airport and 8 km away from Shaoxing Exit, Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway. The company has world-Glas set of production equipment, two glass furnaces with an area of 55 m2 and two glass furnaces with an area of 80 m2. The company has introduced overseas advanced production process technology and intelligent self-control equipment to form a production capacity of 240 million sets of high-rank milky white heat resistant armored glass equipment series. Its products are characterized by opaque, bright, hard, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean, strong transmissivity to microwave, non-toxic, odorless and no quality change to comply with national sanitary standard. By adopting exquisite picture appliqué built by non-lead and non-chromium material and high-tech color decoration process, it has produced products with more high-rank quality to represent modern process characteristic and integrate with the unique food culture and decoration culture. The products have been widely applied to microwave dishes and kitchen utensils washing machine. Compared with traditional pottery tableware, it is advantaged by wide application, excellent eco-friendly, strong resistance to wear, oleo phobia property and convenience to wash, etc. The company has adopted international standard to organize and carry out production. It has “Jielong Steel” (the trademark was applied to register on Nov.28, 2007) with independent intellectual property right. In addition, it was certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. By adopting its own advantages, it has kept moving, innovated consistently and developed courageously for improvement. The strict, scientific management mode, advanced, scientific and appropriate product and unique formulation technology have built best substitutes for daily pottery—white jade glassware. The innovative, eco-friendly and recyclable features have brought limitless vitality to the product. With the development of glass industry, it has formed three hot spots of glass decoration, glass art work and glass daily products and has won excellent reputation due to its product category, complete specification, favorable price and excellent services. Its products have been sold to all major cities in China and exported to Hong Kong, North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc. Since many foreign customers asked for exclusive purchase, the situation of supply exceeding demand has risen. In the tenet of “People Oriented, Leading Technology, Constant Improvement, Dedicated Innovation, Fearless Challenge”, the company has self-managed import and export rights, and a batch of long-term and stable overseas customers. It has made use of its advantage in “Yangtze River Delta” and broad information channel to timely respond to all kinds of foreign demands and increases the percentage of purchase order. The foreign old and new customers have swarmed to the company with high opinion and constant purchase orders in China Import & Export Fair to further lay solid foundation for the smooth development of export.

Main Products:Glass decoration, glass arts and crafts, glass daily necessities


Hands on World Co.,LTD [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Crafts


Huang Xin Ping [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Main products: office supplies, children's leisure sports equipment

Main Products:Main products: office supplies, children's leisure sports equipment


Jieyang city Peiliheng metal products Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The main kitchen supplies, tableware, hotel supplies, Chinese food tableware, all kinds of hardware products.

Main Products:The main kitchen supplies, tableware, hotel supplies, Chinese food tableware, all kinds of hardware products.


Pingyang County Jinyi silver products factory [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Crafts


Jin Yu Man Tang Corporate social [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Imported arts and crafts jewelry


ebenezer united store and sons enterprise [Exporter]


Main Products:Imported arts and crafts jewelry