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Wenzhou Sheng Lei Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract] Wenzhou Sheng Lei Drive Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of light conveyor belt, large companies drive belt. China has committed to light transmission, drive product development and production industry, set design, development, production, marketing, sale as one. China has now become the leading scale, advanced equipment, improve management systems, the full range, fast delivery, excellent quality and price of light transport belt, the baseband chip and other transmission products manufacturer.

Main Products:Light conveyor belt, synchronous belt, transmission belt


Yongkang Zhiyong Door Industry Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yongkang zhisheng door industry co.,ltd, as a leading door manufacturer in China.,has more than 10 years' production and sell experience.We have specialized in steel security door,economic steel wooden door,wooden door etc. With a production capacity of 450,000 doors per year, we have extended our sales markets all over the world such as Algerie, Nigeria,India,Cambodia,Pakistan,Jordan,Panama,most of the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries and regions, Adhering to the faith of  “Management through a plan&action,speaking with facts&data”,we believe that we are your ideal and reliable supplier in China. We are looking forward to establishing cooperative relationships with you in the near future.

Main Products: steel security door,economic steel wooden door,wooden door etc.g


Zhejiang Yuyao Tianfeng Tools Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract] Main production sleeve blank and finished product group set of tools ,tool accessories and other products. After several years of efforts the company’s products has been recognized by the market, deeply the general customers the high praise. Our company name is YUYAO TIANFENG TOOLS

Main Products:Sleeve blank and finished product set tool


Linyi Yunfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Shandong Yunfeng clean ball machinery equipment factory is clean ball, automatic clean ball machine, cleaning ball packing bag, clean equipment, automatic clamping plate type dual-purpose cleaning ball machine, full automatic shear tennis clean ball machine, clean ball machinery, cleaning ball raw material, full automatic washing king Baijie cloth such as machinery and equipment products production and sales in one of the company, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Main Products:Cleaning ball machine


Jiashan CSB Plastic Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract] As a leading manufacturer of Self-lubricating bearings, we are devoted to researching and producing new Self-lubricating bearing materials,plastic bearings,plastic linear bearings,plastic bushings. We have successfully developed various bearing materials with many different standard bearing sizes, including Metal-polymer Composite materials, Metallic Based Self-lubricating materials, Plastic compound materials and Filament wound composite materials. This website mainly introduces the technical characteristics and the applications of Plastic plain bearings, Plastic Linear bearings, Plastic Spherical Bearings,Filament wound bearings that are produced by CSB subsidiary company Jiashan Changsheng Engineering Plastic Bearing Co., Ltd. The issued standard series of materials and the products are suitable for most applications. We concentrate on the special material developing and new application promotion of the bearings. The self-lubricating modification technology research of high polymers makes CSB the market leader in Non-metal sliding bearing field.

Main Products: As a leading manufacturer of Self-lubricating bearings


ZONYON [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Specialized in manufacturing hot stamping machine, hot coding machine

Main Products:Specialized in manufacturing hot stamping machine, hot coding machine



[Abstract]The company is located in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province Economic Development Zone, it close to China International Commodity City - Yiwu City, adjacent to the Hang Qu, the Ningbo Expressway exit from the largest logistics market in Zhejiang Province only five kilometers and strategic location, transportation is very convenient. Enterprise founded in 2002, it is a professional high-tech enterprise evaporative cooler R & D, production, sales and service. The company has a strong sense of innovation and a number of R & D personnel, professional and knowledgeable technical staff dedicated chiller appearance design, combined with the company's self-developed shell mold chillers, ventilation pipes and mold new investments purchased three new large Haitian injection molding machine, design development and production of the "River" brand series of special housing and the largest amount of wind plastics industry models. On the river with a dedicated motor, fan, wet curtain, available Oe brand chillers, with stable performance, shell compression, aging resistance, high temperature, evaporation efficiency above 80%, the cooling effect is very obvious.

Main Products:Evaporative air cooler、Environmental protection air conditioner、Business/Home evaporative air cooler


ChangZhouNew Saier Packing Machinery CO.LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]ChangZhouNew Saier Packing Machinery CO.LTD was established in February 2006, specializing in the production and sale of supermarket with aluminum 711/713 screw capper, 711/713 aluminum nails, U-shaped Caza export machine, large size industrial bar machine, bar food machine, stainless steel head single / double roll bag bracket (new mold), try to eat frame, fresh-keeping film packing machine, such as supermarket equipment. At the same time, the sale of tape, vegetable tape, even the volume bag, South Asia film, silver paper, POP price tag, fresh tray and other supermarket supplies.

Main Products:machinery for food industry, packaging machinery and machinery for printing codes on labels


Leling Fuda Electrical Factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]主营产品:... 山东省乐陵福达电器厂是蓄电池焊机、蓄电池等产品专业生产加工的公司

Main Products:disposable pe glove/apron/isolation gown/PVC apron/ziplock bag



[Abstract]SHANDONG JIENUO THERMOSTAT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is leader of temperature equipment manufacturer in China, which was established in 1998, occupying area of 30000m2, and it is a high-tech company which offers products R&D, manufacturing, installation and service. We have 150 stuff, and 5 high engineers, and we invent the first automatic coal fired hot air generator (Patent No. ZL200420064616.7 ) in China. And we have independent right of import and export, and all products passed ISO (9001:2008), and CE approved.

Main Products:Domestic temperature control machinery and equipment