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Hedong District Xinyu Iron and aluminum products factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Hedong District of Linyi City Xinyu Iron and aluminum products factory is a hardware tools, aluminum and iron production processing enterprise, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registration of enterprises. We uphold the people-oriented, seize the opportunity to develop innovative business philosophy, mainly engaged in household goods industry to focus on the development of the global market.

Main Products:Color basin, fruit Basin


Wenzhou Honglida Hairdressing Tools Co., Ltd  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Wenzhou honglida hairdressing appliance Co. Ltd., founded in 2005, is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of hairdressing appliances. R & D, manufacturing, sales in one. The company's products sell well at home and abroad. Product quality has been fully recognized and affirmed by customers.

Main Products:Hairdressing equipment


Cangnan Bayi Plastic Co,.Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Cangnan eight Art Plastic Co. Ltd., is located in the Chinese printed gift of all - Wenzhou Longgang, specializing in the production of PET, PP, environmental protection shopping bag PE woven and non-woven materials, gift bags, hand bags and ice bag. Our products have waterproof function, the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, products applicable to all fields, including supermarkets, families, packaging, gifts, and advertising promotions, etc.

Main Products:Woven bags, shopping bags


Pujiang Donglin Crystal Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Pujiang County East Lin crystal factory was founded in 2001, has 15 years of experience on research and production, the main production 6mm--60mm (crystal diamond), (a ball), (crystal handle) products such as professional production and processing company, products are widely used in crystal handle, pull, bathroom glass, a pot of tea, lighting accessories, rings. Drill sign jewelry, the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Pujiang County East Lin crystal factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation, integrity management, cooperation and win-win

Main Products:Crystal crafts


Pujiang Blue Crystal Technology Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Pujiang Blue Crystal Technology Co. Ltd. is a crystal cup, crystal crafts, professional production and processing company, support to plans to sample production, all products can be wholesale and retail, can also be a generation of fat, all free product design, free shipping lettering. Wholesale and retail Crystal Crafts crystal trophy accessories.

Main Products:Crystal trophy, crystal arts and crafts


Pujiang Longsheng Crystal Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Pujiang Longsheng crystal handicraft factory is a collection development, design, manufacturing and sales of crystal jewelry and crystal lighting as one of the modern enterprise, has a group of professional creative design talent and technical personnel. For several years, has been committed to the development of different shapes, exquisite chic high-end crystal jewelry and crystal lighting series.

Main Products:Crystal craft jewelry and crystal lamp


Zhejiang Pujiang Zhongjing Crystal Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Pujiang Zhongjing Crystal Co., Ltd. the main types of crystal crafts

Main Products:All kinds of crystal crafts


Shenzhen Huarong jewelry co., LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Earth Jewelry Co., Ltd. Main jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry.

Main Products:Jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry


Pujiang Integ Crystal Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Pujiang Integ Crystal Co., Ltd is a development, design, production and processing of.OEM in one of the large-scale professional crystal ashtray, crystal ashtray, crystal key button, crystal ball, crystal laser engraving products company.

Main Products:Crystal ashtray, crystal ashtray, crystal key button, crystal ball, crystal laser carving products


HK Zhongma Jewelry International Group Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company's main variety of jewelry

Main Products:The company's main variety of jewelry