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KOREAMESSE INC. [Production enterprises]


Main Products:Ornaments


Yiwu City Heng Yun jewelry firm [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Renyun jewelry factory in the world's largest small commodity wholesale market in Zhejiang city of Yiwu province. The factory specializing in the production, sales of high-grade rubber cloth series, crystal series, Korean and other fashion accessories (head hair). Its "love and joy", "Xinyue" two brands, leisurely fashion, exquisite beauty, also does not lose the simple and practical, inexpensive. Companies adhering to the "continuous innovation, forge ahead, to create a boutique" business philosophy, and constantly provide customers with quality fashion head (hair) decorated boutique. Welcome to visit!

Main Products:Wig


Guangzhou Expo [Other]

[Abstract]Guangzhou Expo (VirtualExpo,Exhibition,Trade Fair) is the Guangzhou municipal government organized by the China foreign trade and economic cooperation of the large fair, has been successfully held twelve sessions, economic and trade cooperation has achieved remarkable results. The 2004 Guangzhou Expo exhibition area of 80 thousand square meters, nearly 4000 booths at home and abroad, and trade cooperation reached a total amount of 153 billion 790 million yuan, signed various economic and technical cooperation projects 1006, the scale and efficiency for most of history, has aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. Build economic and trade platform, strengthen economic and trade exchanges with the domestic and foreign, expand the space for economic development, is our common needs. 2005 Guangzhou Expo will be held on September 2, 2005 -5 in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the scale of 60 thousand square meters. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign governments, enterprises, and business people from all walks of life in Guangzhou Expo participants, display skills to the full on this platform, to create a better future!

Main Products:Jewelry and accessories


WONJIN POLYMER [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Your Excellent Glue Provider - Wonjin We are very appreciated for your continuous support and encouragement. Since 1984, Wonjin Polymer has been supplying adhesives and bottle sets to domestic and overseas market. Moreover, we are expanding our business to the specialized glues and cosmetic divisions together with continuing R&D investment and fully automated production system. As the best business partnership, Wonjin is ready to make a new leap to satisfy our customers. I would like you to give us your continuous interest and support. Thank you 

Main Products:Multi-purpose Instant Adhesive, Wood (poromeric), Difficult material (Sensitive surface), Stone and artificial marble etc Adhesive, Spray type adhesive, Primer, Manufacture Bottle, Nozzle, Cap, Nail Glue, Polish, Nail Tools


Shanhaiguan art Mall (Art beats nature. follow amber Museum) [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Follow the main hall of amber amber stone, new product, beeswax, Beeswax Amber 10 years old professional, directly imported from Russia and Ukraine, the Baltic countries, the primary sources of supply, quality assurance. Welcome cooperation consultation!

Main Products:The Russian primary sources, the Baltic Amber Stone, new products, old beeswax, beeswax wholesale


LINLINCRYSTAL [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]In diamond jewelry accessories firm is a times to jewelry accessories wholesale firm. The company has a solid economic foundation, strong customer relationship network, perfect personnel management configuration. With the rapid development of economy, jewelry and accessories have occupied the world, so that our products sent to the world. We have 3 branch offices in China. Were the three northeastern provinces, Zhejiang province Yiwu city (International Commodity City), Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city residents and other places have established close cooperative relations, will soon spread to foreign operators to look old and new friends at home and abroad. In recent years, we become a well-known domestic brands, Jinhua Crown China Crystal Co., Ltd., one of the agents. Our company provides long-term domestic color white drill, drill, flat drill, hot drilling, drilling, single chain claw, net cloth and all kinds of glue and other related accessories. Since the establishment of the company 9 years ago, from a stall in Shenyang, now has 3 large-scale wholesale firms, from dozens of customers, to now have a large number of stable source. Used cash payment, payment to the delivery, the agency to provide a variety of ways to provide thoughtful service. Continuous innovation in the fierce competition in the market, a good reputation in the industry. Our aim is "to use the service and in good faith in exchange for your long-term trust and support." Since its inception, has been to the "honest" as the business philosophy, and the establishment of a strong after-sales service system, so that the sales network throughout the country, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation! Willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad, wholeheartedly cooperate!!!

Main Products:Golden diamond/ Baolin diamong/ claw chain/D type claw chain/Multiple claw chain


Yiwu Feilong Plastic Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Feilong Plastic Co. Ltd. began specializing in the production of PP transparent plastic box, from the 2001 box, toolbox, PS accessories boxes, jewelry boxes and other products. Through testing the authority, safety and environmental protection, high quality. Company products are sold to South Korea, Japan, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries. Welcome to all walks of life to guide, business negotiations

Main Products:Bizhuteri Packaging


Yiwu Weituo Packaging Display CO.,LTD [Production enterprises]

[Abstract] Yiwu Weituo Packaging Display CO.,LTD is a company that specializing in the production and processing of jewelry display, watch display, watch box, glasses display stand, jewelry packaging accessories and other products with injection molding workshop, plastic boxes carton packaging workshop, acrylic processing workshops, new product development and design departments to form a one-stop design and production development, but also has a complete and scientific quality management system. We have introduced a new high-grade and various styles of products to meet customer demand. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Welcome to contact Weituo!

Main Products:specializing in the production and processing of jewelry display, watch display, watch box, glasses display stand, jewelry packaging accessories and other products


Yiwu Zhousen Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.  [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Zhousen stainless steel Co.,Ltd.specialized in the producing stainless steel wire,stainless steel wire rope ,wire rope coated plastic(TPU,Nylon,PVC),color copper wire,Aluminum wire,iron wire,ect.Our products extensively applied on industries, fisheries,handicrafts,ornaments,ect.All our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality.These products are environmental and can meet European and American standard.Guaranteeing stable and timely supply,credible quality and sincere service,our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets.Welcome to contact us !

Main Products:Stainless teel wire /Stainless steel wire rope/Copper wire/Aluminum wire/Iron wire/jump rope


Hua Xin Hardware Factory Pan'an [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Panan Huaxin Hardware factory specializing in the production of all kinds of garment accessories, bags. Belt accessories and other hardware products, can be customized according to customer samples, the products are exported to the country's more than and 20 provinces and municipalities and the Middle East. The large scale and advanced equipment. Sophisticated technology. By the material processing to finished all in one service. We sincerely provide you with professional Huaxin. High quality and efficient service

Main Products:Garment accessories, luggage accessories, etc.