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Shanghai Youbo network Technology Co., Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]XXX Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 in order to enhance the industrial technology through the evaluation of technical support for the test and evaluation agencies, Is a representative body of the Republic of Korea, which exchanges and cooperation with the test and certification bodies of the advanced (developed) countries. In order to protect the domestic industry's various certification system is perfect, for the protection of consumer safety and environmental protection of the importance of the various systems is increasing, KTL to adapt to the development of the situation, from product development to obtain certification throughout the stage to provide support to help enterprises to improve technical capabilities and have a stronger competitive. In order to the business between the two countries and certification bodies and customers of the organic business contact and meet the needs of customers, XXXX Co., Ltd. established in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China office, To provide customers with quality services, in order to increase the development of Chinese enterprises to South Korea and the development of enterprises to contribute. In order to solve the domestic and foreign customers to obtain certification as well as the country's non tariff barriers, and 35 countries have signed an agreement (MOU) 67 test certification bodies, In order to obtain overseas certification, to provide a variety of safety and quality certification, factory review, information, technical education and other support. Now in the operation of the international certification system IECEE (System for Conformity Testing IEC and Certification of Electrical Equipment) CB certification system (CBScheme), Is one of the 9 areas of the 43 specifications of the issue of Certificate CB and Report IECEE Test recognized.

Main Products:Mobile phone


Zhejiang Great Tao Network Technology Co.,Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]Great Tao Group was established in 2010 with headquarter located in Ningbo, China, the global fourth port city.Gttown.com is a leading platform of B2B E-commerce integrated service provider in China for the global trade supply chain, which is developed an

Main Products: information exchange, order matching, credit evaluation, risk management, financial support, bad debts collection, import & export agent, forwarder, logistics & warehousing, and business opportunities development from global market


Jinhua City Chao Yi Culture Media Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Soul is a professional enterprise that produce high-end long-acting antibacterial socks! Soul also means stir your soul.Each pair of socks are ensouled and directing you to the dream! Now we are waiting for you here as soul derivative team sponsors!

Main Products:Business antibacterial deodorant socks, sports socks deodorant function, pure natural material and other high-end baby socks socks.


AL-Waseet [trade]

[Abstract]Our Mission: Be the leading provider of comprehensive advertising services, for customers to buy, sell, & get informed.• 1.Help the Suppliers in China to find new Customers in the middle east countries 2•Help the Arabic Customers to find the reputed S

Main Products:Our Mission: Be the leading provider of comprehensive advertising services, for customers to buy, sell, & get informed.• 1.Help the Suppliers in China to find new Customers in the middle east countries 2•Help the Arabic Customers to find the reputed S


Zhejiang Yiwu Wisdom Etron Biological Technology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Won the first, make miracles! ZSM pharmaceutical corporation is one of the holding companies of Kangenbei listed companies of Zhejiang Province (stock symbol:600572). ZSM corporation was founded in 1968, which is a pharmaceutical corporation with advanced

Main Products:ZSM Bamboo-charcoal hot compress steam patch suit(Bamboo charcoal steam patch + Eye Renewal Essenc + DIY Stickers)


Zhejiang Ming Zhuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]Zhejiang mingZhuo information technology, mainly engaged in Internet software development, marketing automation, e-commerce, micro business, marketing planning operations, network technology services, venture capital for the development of modern science and technology Internet plus company, owns yaxinkeda automation mobile phone marketing system, Ming Zhuo Yun hit off system, Ming Zhuo Yun Zhuo Ming cloud data system, customer service system, focusing on the development and promotion of automation in Internet marketing, creating a global alliance and record customer base, now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to establish cooperation mechanism branch.

Main Products:Mobile phone, mobile phone cloud control system control system, a control system of N mobile phone


Shenzhen JFD Advertisement Co.,Ltd [Importer]

[Abstract]We are the professional provider of B2B information service, and found in 2001. Also we have the Discoversources trade magazines, taking the lead in whole industries. We are focusing on providing professional information service under the data age. Specialized in data collecting, managing, analyzing, customizing, disseminating are our professions. The core application of data base marketing in the services of enterprise commercial marketing are concentration of us.

Main Products:Professional B2B information service provider


Hangzhou CK Testing Technic Co ., Ltd [trade]

[Abstract]C&K Testing is a leading testing company to render you specialised solutions concerning green and sustainable development of products. Established in 2008, we've helped thousands of customers to minimise the risks of their products to human health and the environment through our testing services. Our company is a member of CIRS which is a leading product safety management consulting firm. With our offices in Ireland and the United States as well as our laboratory in China, a global network of testing facilities enables you to meet all the relevant regulatory requirements across different markets more cost-efficiently. Combining widely global recognition and extensive local experience, staffed by knowledgeable experts, C&K Testing will help you to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace by ensuring product safety and quality, removing trade barriers and optimising manufacturing procedures. Our Testing Services: food and food-related products, cosmetics, environment, consumer products, industrial goods and chemicals, etc.

Main Products:Company Profile of C&K Testing


Legendary advertising media [trade]

[Abstract]International trade purchasing information is without the approval of relevant departments, formulated by yiwu legendary advertising co., LTD., in order to better promote yiwu business of foreign trade and economic development, fill supplier and purchaser directly dialogue a specially made a blank field in Chinese, English, version of the publication.Now foreign buyers are mostly professional street by each big market, commodities, foreign trade companies and other forms of commodity procurement;This increased the supplier and purchaser's business cost."International trade procurement information" is a recommendation of yiwu business culture and fusion of high-end product information magazine, become the purchaser to find goods shopping guide, for buyers and sellers to build direct business communication platform.

Main Products:Advertising media


Zhejiang Buyfar network technology Co., Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Buyfar Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is the earliest one of the pioneers of the electrical procurement across from traditional to modern electronic commerce. Set up 11 years ago, by virtue of the market information, a new angle to the timely and accurate analysis report, professional and efficient marketing and consulting services, has become the domestic industrial electrical industry is currently visiting rate and influence of the forefront of the portal site. The site currently registered members of more than and 50, business opportunities up to about 4000000. One hundred square network has always been committed to the promotion of new technologies, new products and new concepts. Has held the "10000 hold love" dealer visits, China Culture Festival, electrical appliances, electrical industry brand fair financial investment forum and other activities, for government departments, enterprises and dealers to provide an effective communication platform for the investment and financing mechanism, promote the healthy development of the electric industry Chinese

Main Products:E-commerce service platform