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zhejiang netusn CO,ltd [Other]

[Abstract]Zhejiang Netsun treasure to trade Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 002095, hereinafter referred to as business treasure) is a professional engaged in Internet information services, e-commerce, professional search engine and enterprise application software development of high-tech enterprises. Company headquarters is located in the electronic commerce of Hangzhou, from the chemical industry B2B started, has now developed into the largest domestic e-commerce operators and leading integrated B2B operators.

Main Products:All Rights Reserved


China Yiwu (www.zgyww.cn) [trade]

[Abstract]China Yiwu (www.zgyww.cn),a specific project of strategic cooperation between Zhejiang Daily Press Group and Yiwu municipal government, is the only official network media. It fully integrates media resources of Zhejiang Daily Press Group and Yiwu Business Daily and the social resources of Yiwu, committing to build a new internet media that keeps a foothold in Yiwu,faces the whole country and takes a broad view of the world.

Main Products: China Yiwu--- an official authoritative media and a website portal of News.


Hanghzou SEO Network Polytron Technologies Inc [trade]

[Abstract]Hanghzou SEO Network Polytron Technologies Inc is a professional search engine optimization service provider in china. R & D focused on search engine optimization and application technology solutions for the development and operation of the search engine, with more than 200 technical personnel. Over the years, Si billion in Europe has been tireless pursuit of technological innovation, and constantly improve the technical process to provide customers with more perfect, professional solutions.

Main Products:Service products include: ZhengZhan optimization, network documents, express, foreign trade enterprises billion treasure


Cisema Hangzhou Co.,Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]As a German-based company, Cisema has been supporting companies of al sizes to make their business in China profitable since 2002. With nine locations in Munich, Vienna, Chicago, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hong Kong and Yangon. Cisema has become one of the top addresses in China Consulting with a special focus on quality control management and sourcing service. Cisema can help you with professional service at competitive price, we have a strong sourcing team and abundant supplier database in many fields. We have many long time cooperated middle to small size companies who are very satisfied with Cisema’s fast response and professional service. Our quality control service includes pre-shipment inspection, container loading inspection and in-process inspection and factory audit. We can help our customers to receive satisfactory products without any doubt with competitive service price.

Main Products:We provide sourcing service, quality control service include pre-shipment inspection, container loading inspection, in-process inspection and factory audit


CE Dongli Technology Company Limited [Other]

[Abstract]CE Dongli Technology Company Limitedwas founded in September 16, 1999, is the service operators Chinese leading enterprise e-commerce, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South China Sea Chinese Digital Group Holdings Group, with the new network, earth culture mutual brothers. Founded 17 years ago, has opened nearly 80 branches throughout the country, the existing staff of more than 8 thousand people, more than and 120 of the small and medium-sized enterprises to provide Internet e-commerce services. In the power Polytron Technologies Inc website construction, for small and medium-sized enterprises and the whole network marketing, domain name registration and electronic mail and other services. "New Z+ enterprise website cloud platform is to provide to the official website of the construction of certain business platform solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises;" Ztouch S whole network marketing website is to provide website can be automatically adapts to each terminal services for enterprises; "VONE enterprise mobile marketing platform" is to help companies achieve Internet plus the traditional enterprise mobile marketing platform; "Zshop S enterprise network retail platform, can help enterprises to realize multi channel multi platform marketing;" a lot of companies to push the integration of Internet marketing platform "is released by the end of 2014 for small and medium-sized enterprises of the whole network of integrated marketing services. In the power in the clothing, automobile, chemical industry, the official website of the construction of the whole network marketing field of rapid development, service has covered 40 industries of more than 1 thousand industry segments. In the power of Polytron Technologies Inc is the first batch of CNNIC certification of domain name registration services, Google is also the first partner in China, Baidu cloud acceleration strategic partner. In the power Polytron Technologies Inc products for many years as the "recommended website construction demonstration platform for SMEs; small and medium enterprises in the service of sixteen years, repeatedly won the title of" enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise "," integrity management enterprise "; in 2015, was named the" best employer China year". In the power Polytron Technologies Inc's mission is through information technology operations, create intelligent China enterprises, making the wisdom of entrepreneurs. Companies will be responsible, hard work, professional, innovative spirit, regardless of the size of any business, regardless of when and where, can easily carry out e-commerce, information management business vision.

Main Products:Website, domain name registration, web marketing


WDGJ HangZhou DiFo Software Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]WDGJ HangZhou DiFo Software Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is recognized by the state software enterprise, and through CMMI3 certification. Cut one of the flute Buddha is one of the earliest electric field of ERP company, the development of "shop steward" is the user of the largest and oldest full channel order solution. More than and 10 years as one day, to provide tens of thousands of enterprises mature and stable software products and services.Has been, the shop steward is lynx / service platform Taobao ERP category ranked first in the ERP system, every day for tens of thousands of users to provide quality products and services. "Shop steward" the price is open, free to download, free trial, open forum, free upgrade, can be no reason for a series of reasons for a full refund and so on to subvert the industry's traditional measures, to protect the interests of the user's interests.

Main Products:WDGJ HangZhou DiFo Software is one of the earliest domestic cut electricity supplier ERP company