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Xinjiang north arrow Tatsu Trading Co., Ltd. [trade]

[Abstract]Xinjiang north arrow Tatsu Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is the first in Xinjiang to carry out the import and export trade in georgia. Company's headquarters is located in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the capital of office district. The main business scale of imported fine Georgian Wine; export machinery and equipment, building materials, furniture, hotel supplies, etc.; international freight logistics; international travel agency; beifangjianda Malani wine club, beifangjianda Malani Wine Museum, beifangjianda Malani winery seven operating plate.

Main Products:red WINE


Zhejiang Yiwu Zhihe Biotechnology Co. Ltd. [Other]

[Abstract]Brief introduction of Zhenshiming derivative operation center Only the first, there is a miracle! Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Company Limited is a listed company in Zhejiang Kangenbei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (stock code 600572) holding companies. The company was founded in 1968, is a new type of modern garden - style modern enterprise hardware facilities, is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of ophthalmic medicine, modern pharmaceutical enterprises. "Little love, all over the world" is the spirit of enterprise and responsibility Zhenshiming company culture, brand has become the first brand Chinese Zhenshiming eye health field. Company in the production of Chinese and Western medicine products based, with eye drops of more than and 40 varieties, into the national basic medicine catalog products have 6, the national health insurance products have 25. Among them, the bamboo charcoal hot compress steam patch series is one of the earliest domestic R & D and sales of products. Zhenshiming micro business operations center is located in Zhejiang province Yiwu City headquarters economy park A3 building 10 floor, office area of 1500 square meters, invested 10 million. Operating Company Limited is a Zhejiang biological pharmaceutical Limited Liability Co. is wisdom, hot steam patch products of bamboo charcoal suit the exclusive full channel operators. Zhenshiming micro operators Center conform to the trend of development, combined with the micro shop sharing online and offline sharing mode, landing in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, flowers, Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an and other twenty City, to achieve the national business layout, to create a truly public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship platform can participate in the referendum. Professional operation team, a strong training system, perfect service support, for you to solve the worries, to achieve the dream of easy business.

Main Products:Electronic Commerce


Beijing Red Bull beverage sales Co., Ltd. Jinhua branch [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]"Red Bull" (Redu007fBull) is one of the world's earliest and most successful energy beverage brands. 1966, Red Bull Vitamin functional drink was born in Thailand, has been more than 40 years of development history. With excellent quality and good reputation, Red Bull drinks sold worldwide in more than and 140 countries and regions in the world, the functional beverage industry leader. December 1995, red bull with confidence in the development of the Chinese market and the global strategic vision, came to China, set up Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co., Ltd., to develop the Chinese market. For a time, refreshing, add strength, thirsty to drink Red Bull, tired, tired to drink Red Bull "advertising language, widely read, Red Bull brand is loved by the majority of consumers, the relevant public known. For more than ten years, Red Bull has established a nationwide sales network and organization. Adhering to the international advanced management concept and management mode, focusing on guidance and training consumption concept, with "functional beverage market first mover" status and advantages, quickly open the market Chinese Red Bull drinks, gradually become the leading China beverage industry brand.

Main Products:Functional beverage


Jiangsu Shenyang environmental protection science and Technology Co., Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Jiangsu deep oxygen environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. is located in a Chinese technology company, headquartered in Yixing City, Jiangsu province. Is a company dedicated to the clean air to every person, with meticulous focus on research and innovation of application of air purification technology, focusing on green action on the environment and the sustainable development of small practice has profound meaning, "air flow technology" everyone's respiratory health. The company is currently the main products are: wall mounted air conditioning central air conditioning filter, filter, air conditioning filter, auto air filter. Let the air conditioner into an air purifier, the main removal of PM2.5, sterilization anti-virus, in addition to formaldehyde, VOC, second-hand smoke, benzene and other harmful gases. And has realized 99% is the environmental protection degradable material composition.

Main Products:Wall mounted air conditioner filter, central air conditioning air conditioning filter, filter, auto air filter


Guangzhou City Difo Biological Technology Co. Ltd. [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Guangzhou flute Vatican Seoul biotechnology limited company's personal care brands, green, health, luxury, taste concept, to the hair and scalp care new. In the rare herbs, rare Australian tea tree oil and natural vanilla heated gradually blending, and raw materials for the integrated solution condensation, containing plant extracts added to the shampoo, every wash, faint fragrance floating release, can be up to 48 hours

Main Products:Shampoo


Yiwu City Lemaidi Network Technology Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu City Lemaidi Network Technology Co., Ltd is Medina girls fashion accessories, girls fashion products such as professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Yiwu City Music Medina network science and technology limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Main Products:Girls fashion supplies


Hangzhou Aiyu Shiye Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]The company is located in the beautiful Fuchun River - Fuyang. Mainly is a professional manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers, products are mainly sandy beach. The company advanced equipment, strong technical force, high - grade products, low - grade complete, the quality of international standards. Good reputation both at home and abroad. We always adhere to the "create value for customers based on quality first, customer first" business philosophy, to strengthen quality management, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service.

Main Products:Beach


Guangzhou COOSKIN kangaroo leather goods factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Guangzhou COOSKIN leather products factory is a large leather goods manufacturing enterprise which integrates design, manufacture and marketing. Professional production: leather products series: leather leather | leather products | man purse Ms. | wallet | purse | card package | name card book | business card clip key | package passport | clip documents, | clip documents, | set | leather suit leather | plant | wallet factory | key package factory | business card bag factory | passport bag factory | leather gift series of factory scale: owns more than 3000 square meters standard workshop, 6 years experience in manufacturing; equipped with professional assembly line, the establishment of raw material production, sewing, printing, semi-finished products processing, packaging, quality inspection and other multiple professional production workshop; scale management, truly one-stop passport |

Main Products:Leather goods


Fuyang Lefei Sports Goods Co., Ltd [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Fuyang Lefei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery, outstanding Fuchun River, after twenty years of hard pioneer, has become a strong technical force, scientific and standardized management, advanced professional production equipment manufacturing enterprises. The production of various high, medium and low plastic nylon badminton, badminton, table tennis duck. This enterprise since its inception, always adhere to the quality of the book, the credibility of the grid. Le Fei products, excellent quality, continuous research and development of new products, and win the market, consumers have agreed to establish a good reputation. The enterprises and foreign trade companies, products exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other countries, to obtain customers. Music flying people to "integrity first, complementary advantages and common development" of the enterprise spirit, to provide you with high quality and low price products, let us together for health refueling!

Main Products:All kinds of high, medium and low plastic nylon badminton, badminton, table tennis duck.


Yiwu Hongsen auto supplies factory [Production enterprises]

[Abstract]Yiwu Hongsen auto supplies factory was established in 2015, with many years engaged in the work of the automotive supplies industry professionals formed, independent design, independent development, strong technical force, product development and advanced design idea, to undertake all types of processing, sample processing, OEM production orders. Factory production equipment, advanced production technology. I plant specializing in the production of automotive headrest, storage, car trunk waist, car tools small scraper and other various kinds of automotive supplies. Products are exported to South Korea, Russia, Australia, Europe and other places. Varieties complete, affordable, reliable quality, Bingzhe "quality of survival, reputation and development" purposes, our factory sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us. Business goals: to "become a beautiful scenery line of the auto supplies production enterprise mission: let employees and businesses grow together, let the dealer grow together with enterprise; make consumers and businesses grow together with the spirit of enterprise: beyond the limit, to challenge the impossible!

Main Products:Car headrest, storage, car trunk waist, car tools small scraper and other various kinds of automotive supplies